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Abstract:On the 70th anniversary of ASQ, 70 trivia questions illustrate the society's historical milestones and interesting highlights. Originating in 1946 as the American Society for Quality Control with headquarters in New York City, ASQ has grown in 2016 to having members in over 150 countries and partners with 20 quality-related organizations around the world. The society has 58 enterprise members. It administers 15 standard committees and includes 25 divisions and over 250 sections and subsections. Fascinating facts relate to ASQ's name change, customer care center, clothing and firearms on display at ASQ's Milwaukee headquarters, venturing online in 1994, and sports connections, as well as its historical context. Members are invited to share stories of their experiences in the quality …

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very informative piece - happy 70th ASQ; proud to be a member
--Salima Haniff, 05-19-2016

Good Job.
Happy 70th Anniversary.
--Sarwar Maheshwari, 05-16-2016

I am a new member of ASQ since April 2016, but had been tracking ASQ articles since retired from the US military in 2007. Looking forward to continue plus expanding more my knowledge and sharing to future generations. More Power to ASQ sustaining the strength of the nation. Happy 70th Anniversary!
--Miguel A. Otero, 05-14-2016

Very resourceful and knowledgeable.
--Francis Wee, 05-12-2016

ASQ Middle Tennessee, Section 1118, will share the Trivia Questions at our next Membership Meetin! Great history-empowering article for ASQ!
--Rita Miller - Section 1118 Secretary, 05-12-2016

ASQ excellent track record captured in 70 Q and A. Awesome indeed for a Global body propagating quality.
ASQ advocates quality of life and social responsibility with no borders.
--Girish Trehan, 05-11-2016

--Rodolfo Stecco, 05-11-2016

As Quality Professional myself, I am so pleased with reading the history of ASQ for the past 70 years. All the great minds and most influential voice in Quality started in this organization. From certifications to promotion of knowledge and practices, ASQ over the years proved to have solid influence to where the practice of Quality is right now. More power to ASQ and cheers to better years to come!
--Cherry Trinidad, 05-11-2016

--Paresh , 05-10-2016

I started being a member of ASQ since 2014... I am very much focus on reading all their quality articles up to the time I decided to take a self review on Quality Technician and be certified, but unluckily I FAILED... from here I started to loose hope... and never want to open the ASQ Web anymore... but then...I reversed my psychology from loosing hope to study more harder... I know for sure that ASQ will sure help me a lot in pursuing my goal to one of the Quality Lovers. More Power ASQ and happy 70th Anniversary.
--Virginia Wilson, 05-03-2016

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