Ultrasonic spot welders

Sonobond offers two ultrasonic spot welder models that weld multiple layers of foils to tabs or terminals, accommodate battery pouch assembly and HV termination welding. The SonoWeld 1600 is ideal for manufacturing existing lithium-ion, NiMH rechargeable batteries and pouch cells. The Dual Head Spot welder can weld foils as thin as seven microns without tearing, and it welds most oxidized and tinned metals in one pulse without precleaning.

The units use outputs of 1,500, 2,500 or 3,500 watts. Both models have digital displays that allow weld control to be selected by time, energy or distance. Each unit has a power supply with a built-in microprocessor featuring automatic frequency control, overload protection and storage, and recall of up to 250 protocols.

The SonoWeld 1600 and Dual Head Spot welders employ heat-treated tool steel taper lock tips that can perform up to 30,000 welds before redressing is required, and as many as 100,000 welds before being easily removed and replaced.

Sonobond continues to supply welding units to manufacturers seeking environmentally friendly methods for assembling existing lithium-ion and NiMH rechargeable batteries used in applications such as all-electric and hybrid automobiles, medical technology, and military and telecommunication fields.

Call: 800-323-1269.

Visit: www.sonobondultrasonics.com.

Surface flaw detection system

UniWest has introduced the EVi eddy current testing system. Developed as a portable, high precision, operator-friendly eddy current system, the EVi augments UniWest’s signal-to-noise ratio technology with real-time imaging of the surface under inspection.

The EVi is a surface flaw detection system that provides conventional eddy current charts, graphs or plots in multiple display modes, alongside a real-time visual image of the surface area under inspection. For operators, the accessible on-screen information speeds discernment of surface conditions while it improves detection of cracks and other discontinuities.

The EVi offers a set of capabilities for bolt-hole, surface, flush-rivet, weldment and interface scanning. The EVi display accommodates multiple display modes including surface imaging, impedance planes, oscilloscope, strip charts and other data display formats.

Call: 509-544-0720.

Visit: www.uniwest.com.

Smart cameras

Cognex’s In-Sight Micro 8000 series smart cameras are compact, standalone vision systems. These models are set up with In-Sight Explorer software.

The software combines the EasyBuilder setup with the flexibility of spreadsheet view for greater control. In addition to PatMax RedLine technology, the In-Sight Micro 8000 series runs In-Sight vision tools at speeds that previously required a high-performance PC.

The In-Sight Micro 8000 series measures 31mm x 31mm x 63mm and includes power over ethernet,  minimizing cabling and making these vision systems ideal for integrating into tight spaces on robots and hard-to-reach machinery. They can be deployed on the production line for guidance, inspection, gauging and industrial identification applications.

Call: 1-855-426-4639.

Visit: www.cognex.com.

Cyber security

Telco Systems has announced a cyber-protection solution to address many of the security vulnerabilities associated with deploying software-defining network (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) technologies and infrastructures. Unlike traditional telecoms networks, which are closed infrastructures protected by readily-available and mature security solutions, SDN and NFV networks are software-based and designed to be open and controlled remotely. This creates inherent security vulnerabilities, including ongoing threats of hacking, malware and cyber-security attacks.

The NFV CyberGuard solution consists of network monitoring sensors embedded on Telco Systems’ CloudMetro virtualization platform, a big data analytics engine and an SDN controller running on Telco Systems’ EdgeGenie Orchestrator. NFV CyberGuard’s network monitoring sensors continuously gather application-level session information from across the entire network and organize an ongoing database of expected network behavior. This information is fed into a big data analytics engine, which in real-time monitors and alerts for anomalous network behaviors or activities. When anomalies are identified, NFV CyberGuard instantaneously activates the SDN controller to apply predefined policies and take immediate network-wide action to neutralize threats before they cause damage.

Email: talia@telco.com.

Visit: www.telco.com.

Compact cylindrical analyzer

RBD Instruments has released the microCMA, an instrument for analyzing the top-most atomic layers of materials. This type of analyzer is used in the auger electron spectroscopy (AES) surface analysis technique. The microCMA is a compact cylindrical mirror analyzer that measures the kinetic energies of electrons emitted from materials in a vacuum chamber.

By making the CMA smaller, the vacuum chamber and pumping requirements also are reduced, which help make AES more affordable to researchers. The small size of the microCMA also makes AES practical as an analytical technique for small vacuum chambers used in research areas such as thermal-desorbed spectroscopy and atomic-layer deposition.

Visit: www.rdbinstruments.com.

Call: 541-550-5016.

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