Know Your XYZs

Abstract:In 2015, the millenial generation became the largest portion of the American workforce, and it is projected that in 2025, millenials will comprise 75 percent of the workforce as baby boomers retire. On the heels of the millenials are the members of generation Z, who will be entering the workforce in the next few years. With so many generations in the workforce at the same time, many managers are concerned about dealing with conflict between the age groups, especially as millenials begin to take more leadership positions. Managers will have to learn to balance methods of communication, performance reviews and employee attention, benefits, and general conflicting ideals in the …

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I gain enlightenment from this paper ,think the author.
--Fuhong Wang, 03-16-2016

The subject of this article is fascinating and is an extremely important issue in the modern workplace. Unfortunately, this article seems to be poorly written. There are a few good points, but it lacks substantiation, the "research" done by the author is anecdotal, and there are many opinions presented as fact. It seems like this article was written by a Millennial, which is a shame, because it further perpetuates the stereotype that we aren't up to the job.
--Lorna, 03-16-2016

Everyone has to work together to produce the best ideas and ensure the company is progressive and profitable.
--Catherine Gugala, 03-14-2016

--Tyson, 03-11-2016

Great read, thanks. Look forward to reading your additional work.
--Jordan, 03-09-2016

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