Schurter has expanded its range of current compensated chokes with high current types for printed circuit board (PCB) mounting. The DKIH series is available for single and three-phase applications with rated currents from 10 to 50 amperes. Due to its open design, the chokes are lightweight and compact, and designed to suppress EMI noise caused by power applications on the PCB.

The DKIH-1 series is suitable for single phase AC or DC applications from 10 up to 50 amperes. The common mode chokes are placed on the PCB with through-hole technology. The DKIH-3 series is suitable for three phase AC applications from 10 up to 50 amperes. The common mode chokes also are designed according IEC 60938 and are rated 600 VAC.

The DKIH series are designed for use in applications such as frequency converters for photovoltaic or energy storage, charging stations for electric vehicles, UPS systems and switch mode power supplies.

Call: 707-636-3000.

Visit: www.schurterinc.com.

Photoelectric sensors

SICK has released the H18 SureSense family of photoelectric sensors for reliable detection in a wide range of sensing applications. The sensors’ signal strength light bar immediately alerts the user when maintenance or alignment is an issue. The sensor family also includes variants that are rated IP 69K to stand up to most environments.

SureSense sensors can be configured to meet each application’s needs. The SureSense family allows users to standardize on a single sensor family to detect all object types, from basic to advanced applications, featuring background suppression technology.

Email: santi.clarke@sick.com.

Visit: www.sickusa.com.

Visual data measurement

GE’s Measurement and Control business announced the 3-D Stereo Measurement for precise, repeatable measurement of visual inspection data in power generation, oil and gas and aviation applications. This visual inspection measurement technology speeds the inspection process and improves probability of detection. GE’s Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe equipped with 3-D Stereo Measurement generates a 3-D surface map of measurement cursor points, allowing inspectors to check their work in real time and ensure accurate measurement setup.

3-D Stereo Measurement is available on the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe for the 4 mm, 6 mm and 8.4 mm diameter probe diameters. The measurement technology is ideally suited to the measurement of reflective surfaces, or applications where side-by-side comparison of live video and 3-D visualization is preferred. 

Visit: www.gemeasurement.com.

Call: 978-437-1272.

Angle encoders

Heidenhain’s series production of absolute solid shafted angle encoders, the ROC 2000 and ROC 7000, use the same mechanical connections as the ROD series and the same scanning principles as the RCN series.

These circular scales feature an absolute track with serial code structure and an incremental track that is scanned by robust, single-field scanning.

The ROC angle encoders with integral bearing and solid shaft are useful for applications requiring higher shaft speeds or larger mounting tolerances. A separate rotor coupling is used for coupling the shaft. This makes it possible to realize axial tolerances of up to ±1 mm, depending on the rotor coupling used. The rotor couplings are capable of compensating for axial motion and misalignment between the encoder shaft and the measured shaft.

Call: 847-519-3398.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.

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