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Secrets to stacking the deck in your favor

On the surface, this year’s salary survey showed positive gains for those in the quality profession—average salaries are up, response rates are up, and people tend to be happier in their careers than those in other professions making comparable salaries.

Peel back another layer, and our report helps you dig into the criteria—combined or separate—that contribute to increased earnings potential. Education, training, job title and certifications are just a few of the determining factors in what people make.

Finally, the salary survey results allow us to make assertions about our own roles, our own organizations, and the skills or knowledge that might move us forward professionally. "A Winning Hand?" delves into questions related to how culture influences job and salary satisfaction. Look to find similarities and differences that are influencers in your own organization.

Believe it or not, 87 countries were represented in this year’s survey results. But we still have a long way to go to improve our response rates around the globe and improve the reliability of the data in parts of this report. If you have ideas on how we might improve response rates in your particular corner of the globe, please send your suggestions to ssanders@asq.org.

The QP Salary Survey provides a fairly clear picture of what earnings look like for quality professionals based on tenure, training, titles and a host of other factors. But what about less tangible attributes that can set one employee apart from others?

As the topic surfaces again and again of what can make a job candidate stand out beyond the requisite credentials—as it does in the article "Hard Facts on Soft Skills"—it pays to examine what that might mean for you. This Career Corner article might prompt you to think a bit about how to hone those softer skills using some of the ideas and resources presented.

A friend and I were discussing the topic of soft skills last week. She works at an engineering firm, and immediately started talking about her coworker, Seth.

"He brings everyone together," she said. "If you’re looking for a team member, he’ll volunteer. He’s always willing to jump in and learn something he didn’t know about before. He’s fun, funny and he always brings people together to get the job done."

Sounds like someone you’d want to work with, doesn’t it?

Being a resource to help you navigate your career is what ASQ is here for. Look for a continued focus on helping you achieve your career aspirations throughout 2016.

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

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