Perspectives: Beyond the Carrot and Stick

Abstract:In an organization or system, if the tasks don’t need cognitive skills, a carrot-and-stick method might work as a good motivator. If tasks need cognitive and creative skills, and you’re trying to create a culture to openly embrace and initiate change transformation, the best motivators are autonomy, purpose and mastery. The results-only work environment is the best environment that can provide such …

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--A. Palladas, 11-19-2016

Very good article.
I have only one comment. Before ROWE is necesary an strategy to make people embrace the change.
Lourdes Molina
--Pharma CLIM Services S.A. de C.V., 11-02-2016

Good suggestions on Motivation, and comparing Carrot & Stick Method with ROWE. With fast changing world in technology.. offices and employees are spread in virtual world, your ROWE model works perfectly fine.. as far as their leader hands them Daniel Pink's Three factors. Good one.
--Harish, 06-30-2016

Nowhere was "ROWE" defined or referenced. Good general concept, but article was very short on tangible outcomes and realistic obstacles.
--Steven Cooke, 05-11-2016

Wonderful article, in our organization we adopted ROWE model in 2013 and in the last 2 year our productivity has grown by 60%.. I strongly support ROWE.
--Greg William, 12-16-2015

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