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In response to "Pop Culture" (November 2015): This is a must-share article, a fabulous contemporary way to engage people in quality.

Theresa Moreno
Folsom, CA

Clock-watching problems

In response to "Career Corner: Clocking Out" (November 2015): My old company was definitely a clock-watcher. Thus, it is my old company. It didn’t matter how much you did, unless you put in the 60-plus hours a week, the boss assumed you were slacking off. It came to a point that my morale was so bad, it encouraged me to not care about my job duties. I just sat there and put in the hours.

Amanda Nelson
Des Moines, WA

Be happy

In response to "Quality in the First Person: Pursuit of Happiness" (October 2015): Good model. To be happy, we need goals that involve helping others. Only living our lives for ourselves is unfulfilling.

Duane Briggs
Lexington, SC

Praise for ‘Road Ahead’

In response to "The Road Ahead" (October 2015) covering how ISO 9001:2015 could affect ISO/TS 16949 and automotive supply chains:

Excellent article and guide for "the road ahead." Thank you.

Javier Ortega
Burlington, IA

Great article. Very helpful to consider what implications could be ahead.

Jennifer Schneider
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Twitter chatter

QP readers took to Twitter to discuss some new and classic QP articles:

"Super Supplier" (October 2015, pp. 16-22): @ToPFacilitator: Helpful insights if you are looking at your supplier chain for a critical service or product.

"Statistics Roundtable: Superiority, Equivalence and Non-Inferiority" (February 2007, pp. 52-54): @CharlesTam retweeted WSJ Business News’: Helpful #Statistics & #ClinicalTrials refresher on superiority vs non-inferiority: via @ASQ.

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Online Extras

Watch: Quality in Pop Culture

Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn: Catch entertaining instances of quality in popular culture by viewing the ASQ TV episode dedicated to the topic at videos.asq.org/world-quality-month.

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Quick Poll Results

Each month at www.qualityprogress.com, visitors can take an informal survey. Here are the numbers from last month‘s Quick Poll:

Which of the quality-related pop culture scenes cracks you up most?

"The Office": Creed can’t articulate his job as quality assurance director. 41.1%

"Seinfeld": George relates an Ovaltine speech in place of risk management. 29.4%

"30 Rock": Jack Donaghy describes the "pillars" of Six Sigma philosophy. 17.6%

"Office Space": Tom Smykowski berates consultants, calls himself a "people person." 11.7%

Visit www.qualityprogress.com for the latest question:

What has been the biggest quality-related story of the year?

  • Takata air bag recall.
  • Volkswagen cheats emissions tests.
  • Hackers take control of a Jeep.
  • Amazon proposes "drone zones" for delivery.

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Helping Tell a Story Through Data
A typical health system compiles troves of data from more than a dozen sources, including electronic health records, insurance claims and Press Ganey reports. Effectively analyzing all that data has become increasingly important to the successful operations of healthcare providers.

New Recalls Raise Bigger Questions About Takata
As automakers struggle to repair millions of cars with air bags made by Takata that might explode and spew metal fragments, the recalls continue to widen and now extend even to the newest models.

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