Appreciating quality leaders

In response to "Like Father, Like Son," (September 2015): This is why I loved the quality leaders—W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran and Kaoru Ishikawa all made the difference in the world of business.

The common thing about them: A passion for quality and desire to help others and make a difference. They all showed humility as they strived for continuous improvement and excellence.           

Cherry Trinidad
Surrey, British Columbia

ISO 9001 reactions

In response to "Keep Calm and Prepare for ISO 9001:2015" (September 2015) :

I agree that the inclusion and focus on risk awareness and management of risk are hidden treasures on the road to performance excellence, even when other quality practices are mature in an organization.

John Watson
Annville, PA

Good timing on this article. I appreciated that it offered some good nuggets for use as training points for teams in transition or teams that are new to the ISO 9001 approach.  

Henry Couture
Newington, CT

Here’s a tip that may make your documentation transition to ISO 9001:2015 viable: Instead of rewriting your current quality manual to comply with the new standard, keep your existing quality manual format and add an appendix that cross references the new standard to the existing standard. Of course, you will have to refer to the new ISO 9001 standard in the existing manual.

Mike Parnagian
Chicopee, MA
via LinkedIn

Basic principles

"Doing it right the first time," the idea expressed in "Quality in the First Person: Who Cares?" (September 2015), is one of the five corporate principles that our global quality management system is based on. I am using this article as an example of a quality moment for our project’s town hall meeting.

Elyse Tuttle

Shared experience

"Quality in the First Person: Substandard Information" (July 2015) sounded familiar because I, too, went through the same process [of miseducation related to ISO 9001]. Fortunately, I took a plethora of courses so the transition to a process approach happened for me much earlier. The pain of transition can only be met with education and understanding. The ability to think through the requirements, not just interpret them, is important.

Forrest Rudnick
East Stroudsburg, PA

Tune In

The latest episode of ASQ TV examined lean and Six Sigma. In the episode, see examples of the difference a Six Sigma level of quality can make, view before-and-after photos of lean tools being applied and hear about organizations’ lean and Six Sigma journeys.

Watch for a Nov. 10 episode on Pop Culture. Visit http://videos.asq.org to access the full video library.

Online Extras

Get moving on ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015, the revised version of the international quality management system standard, has been finalized and released. Learn more about the standard and purchase a copy at http://tinyurl.com/learniso9001.

Clarifying documentation in ISO 9001

The term "documented information" is likely to confuse users of ISO 9001:2015. In the Standards Connection article, "To Document, or Not to Document," standards experts Robert Freeman and Jennifer Drown explain three criteria for determining the need for documentation and discuss what a successful transition may look like for many organizations. Read the article at http://tinyurl.com/iso9001document.

Quick Poll RESULTS

Each month at www.qualityprogress.com, visitors can take an informal survey. Here are the numbers from last month’s Quick Poll:

What is the biggest hurdle you face in improving supply chain quality?

Working with suppliers to improve performance.   70.4%
Continuously evaluating suppliers.                         13.6%
Selecting adequate suppliers.                                     9%
Standardizing supplier audits.                                  6.8%

Visit www.qualityprogress.com for the latest question:

Which of the quality-related pop culture scenes cracks you up most?

  • "30 Rock": Jack Donaghy describes the "pillars" of Six Sigma philosophy.
  • "Office Space": Tom Smykowski berates consultants, calls himself a "people person."
  • "Seinfeld": George relates an Ovaltine speech in place of risk management.
  • "The Office": Creed can’t articulate his job as quality assurance director.


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