Digital amplifier

Mahr Federal’s digital IC amplifier, the Millimar C1200, allows users to view the analog scale and numeric digital readings. Its display range is ±5000 μm and reading resolution 0.1 μm.

The C1200 is powered by rechargeable batteries or an external power supply. When battery operated, the compact unit is fully portable.

Operating features are set up using an integrated five-button keypad. Features such as unit selection, normal/reverse polarity, measuring range, preset, factor and tolerance entry are easily set up by visual menu options. When tolerances are used the display shows a pass/fail status using a green/red color on the backlit display.

Call: 800-343-2050.

Visit: www.mahr.com.

Flange protection

Flange Armour provides full flange and raised-face protection for industries involved with the production of flanges of any type and size. Flange Armour protects flange faces during fabrication, site delivery, installation and storage.

One of the main root causes for flange damage is the use of hand tools during the fabrication and commissioning stages of the product. Flange Armour prevents flange face defects and damage and improves production performance. Flange Armour also reduces the need for flange re-facing.

Call: 844-693-1073.

Visit: www.flangearmour.com.

Tube drawing system

Sonobond Ultrasonics has released a tube drawing system designed to accommodate manufacturers of fine metal tubing used in syringe needles. It is also for medical devices and tubing products used in industries that transport critical fluids.

In an ultrasonic system, a power supply converts line power to high-voltage, high-frequency electrical power needed to drive the transducer.

The transducer converts electrical energy to vibratory energy. The waveguides are designed to resonate at the frequency of operation of the power supply and transducer.

Ultrasonically drawn fine tubing is used to produce: implantable device components; in vitro diagnostic probes; bands for catheters and guidewires; heat-exchanger tubes for controlling blood temperature during surgery; micro-surgical tools; stents; and other devices requiring tubing with a fine internal dimension finish.

Call: 800-323-1269.

Visit: www.sonobondultrasonics.com.


The Model 4020LT-A two-wire transmitter from Cosasco provides enhanced resolution measurements of metal loss due to corrosion inside pipelines. The transmitter is designed for operation in plant locations with widely separated monitoring points and a preexisting distributed control system.

The Model 4020LT-A features measurement resolution to ±0.1%, allowing a timely response to corrosion rate spikes. The transmitter has an available NEMA 4x-rated stainless steel enclosure for operation in harsh environments. A switchable probe-type selector allows users to adjust between different Corrosometer electrical resistance probe types.

Call: 800-635-6898.

Visit: www.cosasco.com.


Olympus has introduced the Series C industrial videoscope designed for inspections of manufactured parts, structures or areas that have limited direct visual access. The Series C videoscope features advanced articulation and high-resolution image quality. It captures still images and videos with desired brightness.

The videoscope’s flexible distal tip and a proprietary spring neck design reduces stress when navigated through tight bends or sharply curved spaces. Articulation is made possible by the thumb-driven joystick on the unit that controls 360° articulation of the distal tip and up to 120° angulation.

A protective replaceable cap added to the distal end tip of the insertion tube protects the LED light source and the video camera when used in harsh environments. The Series C videoscope is suitable for routine and specialized inspections.

Call: 781-419-3562.

Visit: www.olympus-ims.com.

Laser diode modules

OSI Systems’ SCW 1430 laser diode module series is specifically designed for optical test applications such as optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDR) and optical spectrum analyzers.

The SCW 1430 product series features pulse drift performance and high stability. The modules come in four package types. The series is RoHS compliant and the high-peak pulsed laser diode modules operate typically at a center wavelength.

The SCW 1430 product series are intended for optical testing applications where high-peak pulsed optical power is required. The higher power offers greater dynamic range capability to OTDR manufacturers.

Call: 732-516-6520.

Visit: www.laserdiode.com.

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