Like Father, Like Son

Abstract:Ichiro Ishikawa and Kaoru Ishikawa made lasting contributions that changed the global quality movement. As Japan celebrates the centennial of Kaoru Ishikawa's birthday, we can look back at the legacy of this father-son duo and how their actions established a foundation for Japanese total quality management, as well as quality thinking and methods worldwide. Kaoru Ishikawa is quite well known in the global quality movement, Ichiro’s contributions are not as apparent, though equally or arguably more. His father, Uichiro Ishikawa, owner of the Kanto Sanso company, taught him the principles of business, and Ichiro became one of the first to convince Japanese business leaders to pursue quality as a key objective to rebuild a ravaged Post-WWII economy. Kaoru took his father’s ideas even farther by developing a principle of “total quality management” the Japanese way. His focus on the systemic effects of quality has radiated outward from Japan to the world, shaping the global quality …

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The United States needs an Ishikawa family to get us back on the right track. The article is very inspiring.
--Jim Duarte, 09-23-2015

And this is why I loved the Quality leaders - Deming, Juran and Ishikawa all made the difference in world of business. The common thing about them - passion for Quality, desire to help others and make a difference, strive for continuous improvement and excellence, and for their humility.
--Cherry Trinidad, 09-23-2015

Wonderful article on two exceptional quality leaders.
--Anne Marie Cooper, 09-09-2015

Thanks a lot!
--José M, 09-09-2015

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