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Abstract:In the 1980s, Noriaki Kano created an important model to align products with the needs of customer. Known as the Kano model, it has become an important tool for analyzing audit programs for a given organization. Based heavily on customer service, the model focuses on four areas: non-performing or failing, basic must haves or start up costs, performing, and exciting service. The Kano model and its metrics can provide much support to quality teams from any organization in performing audits. An evaluation for assess the quality of audit programs’ critical areas, with audit planning weighted most heavily in the evaluation: 40%. The next area of evaluation is reporting, record keeping, and data analysis, based on the principle that, in order for data to become information, it must be used. This accounts for 30% of the evaluation. The final 30% relates to proper allocation of resources, organizational structure, and the variability and breadth of the audit program’s impact. Were there enough …

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Excellent article. I will share with my colleagues.
--Karilyn Ruiz, 05-29-2017

score based assessment, evaluation of compiance, risk and continuous improvement is a good idea; with a further expansion to weighted score based assessment
based on industry sector, etc. would be also a good idea.

Aylin N. M.
--Aylin N. M., 01-13-2017

very informative article
figure 2 could be further developed or other factors added and used in amazing audits

Aylin N. M.
--Aylin N. M., 09-12-2016

Appreciate the method and thought process behind evaluating audit programs. I question the math in your example for the reporting section as far as the weighting goes. Excited to apply to my organization though.
--Natasha, 02-23-2016

Excellent integration of auditing program with Kano's model
--Siva, 10-01-2015

This is an area of improvement for the Audit teams to ensure the audit programs add value, excellent read
--James Metto, 09-16-2015

Great article. Helped me to solve a problem I had and could not find a solution.
--Andreas Kefalidis, 09-15-2015

This is extremely beneficial article. I will be for sure utilizing it in my new career around this.

Thank you very much
--Alaa Duraidi, 09-11-2015

This is an excellent article which explains audit program requirements and effective implementation. Audit program evaluation checklist is very good and specific.
--Ravi Prakash, 09-11-2015

Impressive evaluation.I would like to see additional information on this process.
--Michael Provost, 09-10-2015

Great article. I'm currently working on a customer-engagement initiative. Replacing 'quality' with 'customer engagement' will enable me to use portions of this report to assess how my organization is incorporating CE into our operations. Thnx!
--WillieDavis, 09-10-2015

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