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Abstract:This article explores the challenge of fostering more creativity in an organization and argues that the main obstacle is usually the structure of the organization. The traditional military model, based on a chain of command with orders being issued down the chain and managers reporting back up the chain, is not suitable for most organizations. In times of rapid and complex external change, this structure creates intransigence. New ideas that come from lower levels in this hierarchy are seen as having lower value, largely because those ideas are not understood at high levels or were not developed there. The power of veto kills new ideas as they rise through the chain of command. Organizations have recognized this problem and have attempted to overcome it through various approaches, such as engagement, empowerment, and motivation, but the problem persists. Attempts to integrate creativity into business strategy will fail unless structure is addressed with strategy. The article examines steps …

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My MBA is covering very similar topics and it was wonderful to read about the principles I am studying. Related is this idea: Capacity to manage human intellect and convert it to useful products and services is the critical executive skill of our time.
--Levi Fisk, 09-11-2015

Great article! My company (not actually mine but I feel like it) is going through much of this change process and making significant progress.
--Bill Long, 08-11-2015

--dr.Ibrahim , 08-11-2015

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