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ISO 9001 revision influences other standards

Shortly after I joined the QP staff in late 2006, discussion began heating up about the 2008 revision of ISO 9001. Almost nine years later (and a bit older and wiser), I understand much better the true impact—and related angst—about the forthcoming ISO 9001:2015 standard, especially with this revision being so much more significant than the 2008 version.

The rewarding part of what we do is the ability to provide the quality community impacted by the standard with the resources and information needed to help ease the transition.

Beyond the many QP articles we’ve published and will continue to publish on the topic, ASQ offers:

Take advantage of these resources. Being prepared will give you an edge leading into the standard’s release.

Standards take center stage in this issue of QP. "Open to Change" explains how various business-sector standards will be influenced by ISO 9001.

"... the best a sector can do if it elects to use ISO 9001 at all is to take the document as the starting point for a more complete set of requirements needed to achieve the desired quality levels, typically aimed at its supply chains—at least for the highest-risk suppliers," the author writes in this article. Find out why ISO 9001 is only the beginning.

"Substandard Information" shows the negative effect to individuals and organizations when ISO 9001 is misapplied or quality staff does not receive proper training. Ensure that your organization isn’t making any of the same mistakes.

Finally, the Standards Outlook column outlines the revision of the AS9100 series standards.

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