Integrating quality

In response to "Change in Flow" (June 2015): When I worked as a quality engineer for an engineering, procurement and construction company, the main issues I dealt with involved ensuring design specifications included the adequate technical and quality requirements, and that design changes were adequately and correctly integrated within the design specifications and approved by the customer. Those changes correctly flowed down to the purchase order documentation.

I would add a quality engineer competent in each respective discipline (process, mechanical, civil/structural, instrumentation and electrical) to the respective departments. This may help to remove the silo effect by integrating quality into the departments rather than the historical "It’s in quality" many departments outside the quality department reject.

Andrew Cox
Charlotte, NC

Great idea from ‘One Good Idea’

I used the table in "One Good Idea: The Statement Problem" (June 2015) to assist in writing clear and concise problem statements during the notification of event process, a process my organization uses to identify an unexpected incident or deviation before opening a full investigation. Everyone thought it was a great idea and loved having a visual to use as a tool versus a blank form with a section labeled "problem statement."

Nikki Swopes
Lexington, SC

Partnering tools

The statement in the headline of the article "Back to Basics: 1+1 = Zero Defects" (June 2015), which refers the need to partner your control plan with process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA), is very true, and I have personally confirmed it.

Control is designed to support PFMEA and not to replace it. PFMEA is championed by the manufacturing engineer, while the control plan is led by quality.

Otin Presley Meggisson
Ypsilanti, MI

Good reminders

In response to "Like Abilities" (June 2015): I enjoyed the reinforcement of managing social media and the need to respond to positive reviews, as well as negative ones.

Lee Butler
Rio Rancho, NM

On-the-job opportunities

In response to "Outside Influence" (May 2015): I wish I could have had the same type of opportunity as these high school students had when I was in school. The application of hands-on experience coupled with some class time is more impactful. I believe that you retain the information better because you can relate the classroom training to an actual exercise.

Sharon Poole
Marietta, GA

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Videos related to ISO 14001, the environmental management system standard, have been posted to the ASQ Standards Channel. ISO 14001 is being revised in 2015 and will align with ISO 9001:2015. Access the videos at http://videos.asq.org/asq-standards-channel.

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