Power take-offs

Twin Disc has released a remote over center power take-off (PTO), the RO 111/211. The RO 111/211 can be engaged and disengaged remotely by way of a control valve or electronic control. Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation is achieved through ports, making access to the fittings straight forward.

The design of the PTO allows for side load and inline applications. It is ideal for industries such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, marine, mining, timber and oil and gas production. The units are installed to original equipment manufacturing or custom settings.

Email: sales@twindisc.com.

Visit: www.twindisc.com.

Marking system

5S Supply has announced the Gauge Range marking system in three styles: starter pack, standard pack and super pack. Refill packs for each style are also available. The marking system uses translucent self-adhesive sheets in red, yellow and green to make for marking gauges so users can see if equipment is in the correct operating range.

The gauge marking system comes pre-cut, with common sizes and additional full sheets to customize. The sheets are made from 5-year outdoor-grade vinyl.

Call: 888-453-2657.

Visit: www.gaugerange.com.


Krohne’s Optiswirl 4200 vortex flowmeter is used to measure conducting and nonconducting liquids, gases and steam. It can be used for internal monitoring of energy flows for saturated and superheated steam or hot water, and heat metering applications. It is also ideal for applications like steam boiler monitoring, burner consumption measurement or compressed air network monitoring, including free air delivery applications.

The Optiswirl 4200 is available in a remote version equipped with a field housing converter with a connection cable up to 164 ft. Temperature and pressure compensation options also are available, which enable calculation of standard flow volume under fluctuating pressures and temperatures.

Visit: www.us.krohne.com.

Email: info@krohne.com.

Power entry module

Schurter’s power entry module, the KFA series, is equipped with an additional ground line choke to suppress high frequency interference arising from ground loops on the ground line. The added ground line choke improves asymmetric attenuation in higher frequencies in medical filter versions. The ground line choke isolates the equipment chassis against high frequencies and the equipment ground from the ground on the line power connection.

The KFA is suited for medical equipment required to use low leakage filters for increased patient safety. The reduced Y-capacitance to ground, or absence thereof, leads to reduced asymmetric attenuation in higher frequencies. The KFA with ground line choke helps to compensate for this reduced performance.

Call: 800-848-2600.

Email: info@schurterinc.com.

Rotary encoders

Heidenhain has expanded its range of absolute rotary encoders by introducing devices with the synchronous serial interface into its 1000 series. Due to their ability to measure absolute position in different machines and devices with limited installation space, the 1000 series encoders are suited for applications such as antenna technology, driverless transport systems, logistics applications, machine building, medical technology and packaging machines.

The 1000 series absolute rotary encoders provide high-resolution position value through external interpolation of the 1 Vpp output signals. The encoders offer 512 signal periods per revolution, an extended power-supply range from 4.75 V to 30 V, and inputs for programming the direction of rotation and setting the zero position of the absolute position value.

Call: 847-519-4702.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.


The Autoscan collaborative robot from Perceptron is designed to allow direct interaction with a production operator within a shared workspace. The robot and operator can perform tasks simultaneously during manufacturing operations.

The Autoscan programming featured in the robot captures a 3-D digital representation of the part and reports complex form and surface deviations, and offers information for critical features such as holes, slots and studs.

Up to 200 scan lines per feature can be programmed with automatic feature extraction from the generated point cloud dataset. This allows multiple features to be inspected with the robot in a static mode. Vector analysis and reporting software and Helix smart sensor are included standard on the robot.

Call: 734-414-6100.

Visit: www.perceptron.com.

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