Change in Flow

Abstract:This article examines how an international engineering firm, Ambitech Engineering Corp., adjusted the classic plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle for quality improvement to suit its own quality process and better handle complex projects for such clients as ExxonMobil, Citgo, British Petroleum, Universal Oil Products, and Valero. The modified process consists of planning, executing, evaluating, and improving (PEEI) phases; the article explains the methodologies involved in each of these phases in detail. The author emphasizes the value of using information from lessons-learned meetings. Ambitech's PEEI cycle and its quality management plan—consisting of various processes, procedures, trainings, software, tools and recognition programs—has become the foundation of everything Ambitech does to ensure it delivers the highest quality to …

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The PEEI cycle is a routine execution method that is implemented by an Engineering company. Some companies also define elaborate method called Project Execution Model (PEM).
--Jatin Bhansali, 06-20-2015

Once working for a EPC company as a quality engineer, the main issues seen were ensuring design specifications included the adequate technical and quality requirements, design changes were adequately integrated within the design specifications (correctly) as well as approved by the customer. Those changes then correctly flowed down to the purchase order documentation. I would add a quality engineer competent in each respective discipline (process, mechanical, civil/structural, instrumentation, electrical) to the respective departments. This may help to remove the "Silo" effect by integrating quality into the departments rather than the historical "its in quality" they keep rejecting it.
--Andrew, 06-09-2015

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