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Abstract:This article uses several examples to illustrate how baseball players and sports managers are leveraging innovation and technology to prepare for games. A heightened focus on performance, training, and equipment strongly influences players, coaches, and those in the front office making personnel decisions. In addition, the number of metrics infiltrating the game and the specificity of those measurements continue to grow. The article discusses baseball pitch emulators; baseball bat technology; training based on recordings of past performance; digitized capture of the placement, velocity, and type of pitch thrown from the mound during games and contrasting this with where a hitter sees the ball; and the use of heat maps to characterize batting characteristics. Teams can use data from new technologies to help a pitcher improve his accuracy; a catcher call for specific pitches; a player look for certain pitches that are easier to hit when facing a particular pitcher; and an umpire call balls and …

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Highly informative, timely, and I've witnessed the pitching machine in action that was described in the article
--Benn Dunn, 04-08-2015

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