Quality Bulldogs

Abstract:This article describes the author's experiences and use of quality tools in training a girls' soccer team that hadn’t scored a goal in three years. The author approached the training from a quality improvement perspective. In the first practices, he identified issues and performed a mental gap analysis. A purposeful change of the processes was needed if the team were going to improve the reliability of achieving their desired outcome — the definition of quality improvement. In the author's first season with the team, it scored its first goal and also won its first game. The team experienced continuous improvement in subsequent …

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Very inspiring.
Good job coach!
--Bien Lalo, 02-02-2017

I have always felt like coaching gives back more than it takes personally and professionally. As a manager find myself frequently "coaching up" people I work with. When I was hired in my current role I made no mistake that I was a "coach" and my end state was to have a "high functioning team" that cooperated and collaborated with other parts of the company so that we (our team) could become a resource for other departments and I meant every word of it.
What the article describes is one part motivation, one part diagnostics (assessing strengths & weaknesses), and one part training (drills). Coaching is one of those ways we can "sharpen the blade" because it requires us to do the things described in the article and more like conflict management, behavioral management, game management (resource allocation), planning etc.
I haven’t coached in over 20 years but a friend of mine at work needed help because the league his son was in did not have enough coaches so I told him I would help. It has been great and has given me a new perspective on things I can do or do differently in my professional role.
--Mike Alumbaugh, 05-07-2015

This is about quality in real life

--annette geirnaert , 04-08-2015

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