System data

Global Shop Solutions has released the Mobile Administration Application, which is designed to run on the web browsers of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. By launching the app, system administrators can remotely access important system data, including:

  • Current shop floor use.
  • New support ticket notifications.
  • A complete active users list, including login time and active programs.
  • Consolidated workstation and server hardware specs.
  • Server-side process status.

Although the screens have been designed to fit the smaller viewing areas of mobile devices, the Mobile Admin App presents the same information system administrators are used to seeing on their PCs.

Call: 888-851-1248.

Visit: www.globalshopsolutions.com.

Handheld inspection

Servo-Robot has launched Wiki-Scan, a handheld laser-based welding inspection system. To inspect the part, the inspector holds the system up to the unwelded or welded joint and presses the trigger to take measurements and determine whether there are any defects present. The Wiki-Scan allows you to inspect joint preparations, joint fit-up and weld bead geometry. It accurately measures critical parameters such as face and root openings, mismatch and bevel angles for unwelded joints, and features such as leg size, concavity and undercut for welds.

Results can be automatically compared to the tolerances set and provide feedback. A permanent record of the weld measurements, voice and written comments and pictures of the weld are stored in the Wiki-Scan and can be sent to your computer. Advantages of the Wiki-Scan include less redundant inspection, fewer unneeded repairs, reduced inspection time and cost savings due to reduced weld time and overwelding.

Call: 450-653-7868.

Visit: www.servorobot.com.

Laser marking

Scanlab’s basiCube 10 scan head is specifically designed for classic laser-marking requirements. It offers a high-speed scanning system specifically tailored to user requirements and features a 10 mm aperture and laser marking-optimized tuning.

The scan head is available with silicon mirrors for three laser wavelengths. The most common deployment will likely be for 1064 nm fiber lasers. The system efficiency is high. At the same marking performance, less power is consumed—which lowers unwanted heat transfer to electrical and mechanical components. This benefits the system’s positional stability under load.

Email: press@scanlab.de.

Visit: www.scanlab.de.

Video probe

GE Measurement and Control has introduced three models of the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe with feature sets designed for different industries and applications.

The models each offer a different level of inspection. The Mentor Visual iQ Inspect is equipped with a hard button/joystick interface, battery pack and the option to choose from seven probe length and diameter configurations. It is ideal for use in field conditions and suited for pipeline and tank inspection, automotive quality control and general purpose inspection jobs.

The Mentor Visual iQ Touch offers a touchscreen with QuickChange probes, and has all of the features on the Mentor Visual iQ Inspect. The Mentor Visual iQ Touch is designed to inspect motors, compressors, gearboxes, heat exchangers, boiler tubes or welds.

The Mentor Visual iQ Analyze offers 3-D measurement and analysis software and is ideal for critical inspections such as aircraft engine inspection, gas turbine inspection, product engineering and development.

E-mail: nate.pepper@ge.com.

Call: 315-554-2039.

Single camera

BitFlow’s Karbon CL4-SP is a single-camera version of the Karbon-CL. It is designed to handle 80-bit 85 MHz cameras, and is adaptable with a configurable acquisition engine. The Karbon CL4-SP frame grabber fits original equipment manufacturer environments and scientific research labs. Applications include machine vision, medical imaging, intelligent transportation systems, high-definition graphics and quality control.

BitFlow FlowThru technology—incorporated into the Karbon CL4-SP—eliminates the need for on-board frame buffers. The added features allow users of the Karbon CL4-SP to control, acquire, reformat and transfer video data directly into an application at camera speeds with zero latency or central processing unit use.

Call: 781-932-2900.

Visit: www.bitflow.com.

Data logging app

Onset’s HOBOmobile data logging app is compatible with Android devices. The app lets users graph and analyze environmental data collected with Onset HOBO MX Series data loggers. Building and energy managers can wirelessly configure HOBO MX1101 loggers, view data in graphs, check logger status and share data in MS Excel and other applications.

HOBOmobile offers an audible logger alarm to notify users of problems. If temperatures in a data center climb to an overheating point or if humidity conditions reach a point that could lead to mold growth, the MX1101 logger will beep and display alarm notifications so users can take corrective action.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.

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