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Abstract:This article presents a case study of the use of lean Six Sigma as a way to cut costs and boost productivity for those who work and manage E-470, a toll road that runs along the eastern perimeter of the Denver metropolitan area. This lean Six Sigma effort led to team projects that saved $463,518 per year and led them to win the coveted President's Award from the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association in 2006. Those who manage E-470 are committed to constantly improving the four S's of the toll road's performance: safety, speed, service, and stewardship. E-470 management focuses on optimizing the customer's journey while reducing costs and returning value to investors. There are three main components to E-470's operation: customer service, toll collection, and roadway management. Unlike many organizations, E-470 leadership didn't commit to a complete lean Six Sigma implementation. The leadership team focused on delivering results quickly, project by project. The team focused on …

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I notice they did not speak to the fact that they laid off people (100?) when they eliminated cash collections. Extremely helpful to the bottom line and bond holder dividend payments but not so great application of "respect for people" tenant of Lean. Not saying this did not need to happen but a little transparency about true cost to savings in the article would have been more honest. Additionally, they have continued to raise rates - so I am not seeing how this is going back to the customers who use the road and pay the tolls.
--Vera Stelter, 04-27-2015

How nice to see a LSS story about the Denver area in QP Live. Nice job!
--Jane Martel, 03-06-2015

--Oliver G, 02-05-2015

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