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Abstract:This article explores the concept of corrective and preventive action (CAPA). CAPA can mean "corrective and preventive action" or "corrective action and preventive action." Discussions of corrective action and preventive action are often combined because they are discussed in the same clauses of many regulations and standards. Fundamentally, however, the two are very different. Corrective action is backward looking, whereas preventive action is forward looking and, according to the author, would be more accurately termed predictive action. The article presents four basic steps for taking corrective action, as well as four basic steps for taking predictive action. The author describes the three most serious mistakes that he has observed in connection with CAPA. He emphasizes that corrective action and predictive action are two different systems. They use (mostly) different processes. There cannot be one inclusive thing called …

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Great article !!! Something which I always struggle to explain. I am right now sharing this article with my clients.
--C P Chandraasekaran, 03-18-2015

This is a very concise description of three essential aspects of quality management.
--Amanda Foster, 01-21-2015

Great Article on CAPA.. Removes the confusion around.. Thanks Denis..
--Robin Francis, 01-17-2015

Nicely addressed The issue. this very common confusion In even In OEMs.
--Jaswinder Singh, 01-08-2015

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