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Salary survey scope blossoms

I have some friends who live in a secluded cabin on a mountainside. Each fall, they walk the trails and country roads near their home scattering sunflower seeds along their paths. Each summer, more and more of the giant yellow flowers dot the landscape around them.

That is how I envision our efforts to broaden the reach of the QP annual salary survey by including more results from employees working in quality worldwide. For 28 years, we’ve primarily compiled results on the salaries of quality professionals based in the United States and Canada—where the bulk of our members were—but as membership around the world continues to expand, so shall our efforts.

Our first foray outside the traditional process focused on regions where ASQ has an established presence: India, China and Mexico. We pared back the survey considerably to make it accessible and translated it into the local languages of the latter two countries, Mandarin and Spanish, respectively. We also have a section of the report that covers respondents from the rest of the world.

The numbers aren’t huge in terms of individuals, which we knew would be an obstacle going in. Remember, the U.S./Canada salary survey arose from having the critical mass from which to draw responses to create meaningful data. This grass-roots effort is, essentially, the other way around. We hope this year serves as a baseline to help us gather more responses from around the world with each subsequent year. The India, China, Mexico and rest-of-world reports can be found at www.qualityprogress.com/salarysurvey.

This year’s survey also delves deeper into the influences quality culture has on satisfaction with work and pay. I don’t know that you’ll be completely surprised by the results, but it’s interesting when you begin to quantify and compare the effects. Find that in "Satisfaction Not Guaranteed?" and "Section 30—Culture of Quality—Expanded Results" at www.qualityprogress.com/salarysurvey.

You’ll also notice there’s more content online this year than in the past so we can bring you more feature articles in print that appeal to a broader audience. The more granular pieces of the salary survey breakdown can be found year-round at www.qualityprogress.com/salarysurvey.

This month QP says goodbye to Newsletter Editor Megan Schmidt, who also has been a valued contributor to QP during the past two years. She is "movin’ on up" to a new position that will take her to Denver. Good luck, Megan!

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