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Abstract:This article presents a case study of a mining company's efforts to improve operational results while reducing inputs or keeping them the same. This multi-year quest resulted in a method called 6TOC (pronounced "six tock"); the article examines this method. 6TOC is the unique combination of Six Sigma, lean, and the theory of constraints. The ten steps of 6TOC are described in detail: 1) Identify and validate operational metrics; 2) Identify capstone metric through correlation analysis; 3) Identify value-creating, primary process flow; 4) Divide primary process flow into three or four logical and measureable segments; 5) Identify bottlenecks or constraints in each segment; 6) Begin with the segment with the most restrictive bottleneck or constraint; 7) Use lean Six Sigma tools to exploit or eliminate bottlenecks in process; 8) Repeat step 7, working through the next most critical bottleneck; 9) Develop a metrics pyramid for your organization identifying pertinent metrics at each level …

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--Florin Iloaea, 04-02-2015

I like the versatility of this method. It could very easily be applied towards the quality issues of smaller businesses that the statistics-centered scope of Six Sigma misses, and yet keeps enough of a SPC flavor that is necessary to define meaningful change of quality.
--Gary C. Booker, 12-15-2014

This was a very informative and well explained article. Highly recommended.
--R. MacLean, 12-10-2014

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