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Single-float transmitters

Gems Sensors and Controls’ XM/XT series are single-float transmitters designed to provide continuous fluid level monitoring within smaller, more-compact tank environments.

The float transmitters are ideal for off-highway vehicles, heating, venting and air conditioning, locomotives, commercial printing and medical original equipment manufacturing.

Gems XM/XT-300 series fluid level transmitters are constructed from all-wetted polysulfone plastic parts. This makes them compatible with a variety of chemicals. The Gems XM/XT-700 series are constructed of stainless steel or brass for durability. Both models are designed to serve as drop-in replacements using existing tank fittings.

Call: 800-378-1600.

Visit: www.gemssensors.com.


Marsh Bellofram’s Westcon 758 series consists of industrial AC tachometer generators designed for high-reliability jet and diesel engine rotational speed measurements within voltage responsive systems. They have also supported military and off-highway vehicle diesel and gas engine applications.

The Westcon 758 Series AC tachometers convert rotational shaft speed inputs into linear analog voltage outputs. They feature a multi-pole cylindrical magnet, which turns within a wound stator. The stator is constructed from transformer iron lamination material. Single-phase output current is expressed as a sine wave over the full speed range of the tachometer. Units feature 100 ohm stators as standard. Two binding posters are available for electrical connection.

Call: 800-309-6150.

Visit: www.marshbellofram.com.

Surface-measuring systems

Mahr Federal has introduced two optical surface-measuring systems designed to provide noncontact 3-D scanning and evaluation of small to medium-sized surface details.

The MarSurf WM 100 uses a white light interferometer, and the MarSurf CWM 100 includes white light and confocal microscopy.

The systems are designed for the measurement of optical, technical and reflecting surfaces, and to provide 3-D topographical analysis where high information density is required, such as printed circuit boards.

The white light scanning sensor in both units is designed for fast-paced 3-D roughness measurement, using real-time video scanning technology for high-resolution reproduction of even microscopic surface details. It comes standard with a 20x lens, with others available ranging from 2.5x to 100x, and provides resolution down to 0.1 nm.

Call: 401-784-3100.

Visit: www.mahr.com.


Photron’s Fastcam Multi is a flexible, multi-head camera system that is tethered to a remote processor. The small, sealed camera heads and the system’s configuration allow users to capture images in confined spaces with megapixel resolution up to 6,000 frames per second.

Fastcam Multi’s camera processor is separate from the camera heads so that data is safely retained in the processor if the camera heads or cables are damaged or destroyed during the capture of an explosive high-speed event.

Photron’s new camera system is ideal for applications such as off-board automotive safety testing, detonation and explosives testing, and for any high-speed image capture in confined yet demanding environments. It is also ideal for use in microscopy, life sciences, biomechanics, fluid dynamics, material sciences and digital image correlation.

Call: 858-395-8618.

Visit: www.photron.com.

Air knives

ACI’s deionization air knives are based on the company’s standard units used for cleaning, cooling and drying operations. They have a powerful ionization bar attached to ionize delivered air to neutralize static charges for effective cleaning.

The blower produces a high volume of air, which exits from the air knife in a fast laminar flow at a pressure of about 7 bar. This process removes the dust particles with the electrostatic charge neutralized to prevent re-attraction.

Deionization air knives are available in a range of standard lengths and can be customized.

Available accessories include filters, pipework, flow valves, silencers, acoustic enclosures and remote-monitoring systems.

Call: 207-445-2518.

Visit: www.aircontrolindustries.com/us.

Gas pressure regulator

BelGAS has introduced the PL82, PL82B and PL83 series pilot regulators designed to provide gas back-pressure relief. Typical applications include gas and liquid service, oil and gas separators, and distribution relief for gas distribution systems.

They feature aluminum body material and vent continuously when the main valve is either repositioned or in relieving mode. They will not bleed or relieve when pressure values fall below set pressure.

The PL82B is designed for more general purpose back-pressure relief. The PL83 is a high-bleed restriction pilot and lower-pressure unit. Options for low, medium and high gain allow for the lowest buildups and fastest response speeds and are determined according to the needs of each application.

Call: 800-727-5646.

Visit: www.belgas.net.

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