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Let certification serve as your launch pad

An ASQ certification can do more than just help you receive a promotion or climb the career ladder. Achieving a certification proves you have mastered the body of knowledge (BoK) pertinent to your area of work. It means business: When you talk, people listen.

To date, nearly 180,000 ASQ certifications have been issued worldwide, and the demand continues to grow. Certifications are one of the top reasons people discover and join ASQ. But for those new to the profession or the organization, there are many questions that arise:

  • Which certification is right for me?
  • Is there a sequence in which I should pursue certifications?
  • What’s the difference between ASQ’s certifications and other "certificate"programs?
  • OK, I signed up. So now, how do I prepare?

We’ve got those answers and more in this edition of QP. "Step It Up" delves into ASQ’s five most popular certifications. Five subject matter experts who have been involved in developing the exams tell you the why, when and how of each certification. The article is also peppered with resources and advice on where to uncover more information.

Also this month, find out how one certified quality professional leveraged the power of peers for studying and passing several certification exams. "Strength in Numbers" offers some good advice on test preparation. Seeing as only slightly more than half of the 16,000 people who sit for ASQ exams each year pass, you might appreciate the study tips.

One thing I’ve observed over the years is that for many individuals who pursue and earn their first certification, that’s not the end of it, but rather another beginning. They often go on to pursue other certifications, or move or change jobs to one in which their certifications were a prerequisite.

Go ahead and get in the game; let QP help you get equipped to win.

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

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