Revision benefits

In response to "A New Look" (September 2014, pp. 16-21):

[The revised ISO 9001] helps to align organization goals with quality objectives. It also reduces the unnecessary duplication of documentation and will make every single link more responsible.

Dhiraj Raut
Nagpur, India

Helpful article. This lays out the revision and needed actions in simple terms. I particularly like the comment about organizations that simply make quality manual changes to obtain ISO certification: "This is the group that prefers minimal investment and, therefore, can typically expect minimal outcomes."

Mike Williams
Carol Stream, IL

Business side of quality

In response to "ISO 9001:2015: What You Must Know Now," a video interview with Paul Palmes, author of "A New Look":

KN Murli: I am happy to see business and quality objectives have been integrated. I have been doing this for a long time, and many times people ask: "Is it required for ISO 9001?"Now, I do not need to explain much because it will be part of the standard.

Also, a good piece of advice: Don't rush into the ISO 9001:2015 upgrade. Understand the changes and work with top management. You have three years for transition.

Mark: I am excited to see how organizations, and specifically top management, respond to the challenge of "overlaying"the quality management system (QMS) onto the core business operating plan. I have worked with organizations in which the situation is exactly as described in the video—look at our QMS over here and our business system over there.

Another advancement that is really going to help business is the risk-based approach. Helping companies, especially smaller ones, assess and mitigate or accept risk in the planning stages of activities will save significant time, money and rework.

Ellen Diggs: Mark, I’m with you—so excited to see the required merging of business and quality management. I’ve been using a risk-based approach for years now as a framework for organizational decision making, so this revision makes tremendous sense.

Editor’s note: Remember that ASQ is your source for standards revision and transition help. Visit http://asq.org/standards-iso-9001-2015.html for resources to help you prepare, a revision timeline so you can stay updated and more information about transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

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What anticipated change in ISO 9001:2015 will affect your organization the most?

  • A focus on risk-based thinking. 67.5%
  • More abstract requirements. 12.5%
  • More prescriptive requirements for top managers. 12.5%
  • New clause structure. 7.5%

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