Strength in Numbers

Abstract:In this article, the author describes his experiences in pursuing American Society for Quality (ASQ) certification as a Certified Quality Technician (CQT), a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), a Six Sigma Green Belt, and a Six Sigma Black Belt. While he passed all the examinations, he did not feel completely prepared for the examinations for which he studied by himself. He discovered that he was much more prepared for the examinations for which he studied in a group …

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Glad you shared your experience as I believe many will find themselves in this situation. The local ASQ sections are the place to network and find other individuals to team up.
--Phil Fiorentino, 05-21-2015

--Howard M. Herman, 10-24-2014

Thank you for writing this article Peter, I am getting ready to take my CQE for the second time, and the part that killed me the most on the one I took was the statistics... we have terrific tools that take the calculation out of our hands, and like you I have been out of the school scenario (other than internal training) for a vast number of years. Math never being my forte, and most especially not stats... I nervously went into the first test, thinking it was fresh enough after taking a prep class with speakers and not much student interaction for a number of weeks prior to the test. 3 of the 7 that took the test that day from our prep class passed... got to be another way is my thought, I decided to sign right back up for the next test date to assure my self that I wouldn't chicken out and just let the opportunity go by. Well, here we are breathing down the neck of the Dec 2014 test date, and I have to wonder if I am any better off now then I was then. No prep class this time, just me studying by my self. I hope that the second time is the charm!
Thank you for your insight and for letting us know you were a part of the struggle as well!
--Judy Martinez, 10-09-2014

--Epitacio Torres Garcia, 10-06-2014

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