Take Care of Your 'Ugly Baby'

Abstract:This article identifies and examines ten symptoms of a dysfunctional quality management system, and offers advice on how to correct the underlying causes of those symptoms. The author discusses what she calls 'ugly babies', which are dysfunctional quality management systems (QMS) or processes that create unproductive work for employees. Quality systems can be dysfunctional despite successful audits. A QMS or process that is certified to a standard can operate in a dysfunctional state because the process or system, as designed, is unable to correct itself, and the related certification body is not strong enough to contribute to the effort. Certification bodies may or may not expose the root cause of dysfunction because they normally audit for compliance to a standard. A registrar actually can perpetuate dysfunction inadvertently if its auditors are inexperienced and the organization interprets their stamp of approval as meaning the organization's processes and systems are in good …

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This article is a strategic map for a Quality Manager looking to make its quality sytem efficient and to enable its organization success
--Jorge Saint-Germes, 11-01-2014

--Micheli Bortolini, 10-21-2014

--Francis Ken Josiah, 10-13-2014

Excellent article that should motivate organizations to take actions to evaluate gaps, prioritize and initiate PDCA improvement activity
--Shinholster, 10-08-2014

--Dan, 10-03-2014

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