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Laser scanner

Hexagon Metrology has released an external laser scanner for use with the Romer Absolute Arm. The Hexagon Probe Laser 20.8 offers performance on complex surfaces and workpieces made of shiny materials such as machined, cast, stamped or forged metals, plastics and carbon fiber.

The adjustable scanning width of the Probe Laser 20.8—with a line length of up to 230 mm and a scan rate of up to 150,000 points per second for high-speed 3-D point cloud capturing—means surfaces can be captured regardless of the material. The Probe Laser 20.8 is fully integrated with the Romer Absolute Arm and does not require additional cables or external controllers.

Call: 847-214-5234.

Visit: www.hexagonmetrology.us.

Long-time recording

Mikrotron’s MotionBLITZ’s LTR3.0 and LTR4.0 are portable long-time recording systems users from all industries can use to gain insight into production processes. The new systems combine a high-resolution camera with high-frame rates. Due to the fast data transfer, recording times of up to 60 minutes are possible. This allows users to precisely record each moment of a process in detail and gain important insight by analyzing the footage using the playback function.

The small-sized cameras with 3 or 4-megapixel image resolution can be installed directly where they are needed—such as confined spaces— and the data are recorded in real time. In full high-definition format, the system provides a frame rate of up to 900 frames per second and up to 35,000 frames per second at reduced resolution.

Long-time recording means that after the trigger—the moment when the error is detected—the long-term recording can be rewound to the point where the error arose and the relevant period can be analyzed immediately.

Call: 49-89-726342-38.

Email: julia.mindermann@mikrotron.de.

Dual-head spot welders

Sonobond’s SonoWeld 1600 and dual-head spot welders create durable bonds in a single operation that employs no heat, current, fluxes or filler, and produces no arcs, sparks or fumes. By using sheer mode vibration parallel to the welding surface, solid-state and highly conductive welds are created without bending stress or stalling. This ultrasonic system provides one-pulse welding of most oxidized and tinned metals without pre-cleaning.

The SonoWeld 1600 and dual-head spot welders use outputs of 1,500 and 2,500 watts to weld nonferrous similar or dissimilar assemblies, including copper and aluminum. Both have a power supply with a built-in microprocessor that features automatic frequency control, overload protection, and storage and recall of up to 250 weld protocols. 

Call: 610-696-4710.

Visit: www.sonobondultrasonics.com.

Inductive coupler

Turck’s NIC contactless inductive coupler series can be used for data and energy transmission. It can transfer up to 12 W and 0.5 amps of power across an air gap of 7 mm. The couplers can be fitted in restricted and non-standard mounting locations allowing for full power transfer.

A diagnostic function detects the presence of the secondary unit as well as any metal objects in the air gap which may weaken a transfer. The series is an ideal solution for the wear problems occurring with plug and wiper contacts subject to severe stress. The speed of the system is ideal for use in applications with high cycle rates such as tool changer robots or rotary indexing tables.

Call: 1-800-544-7769.

Visit: www.turck.us.

Internal fan alternator

Prestolite Electric has unveiled the AVi2800 internal fan alternator for heavy truck and school bus fleet aftermarket requirements. The AVi2800 features a fan design that offers 33% less weight than any of its antecedents. This internal fan alternator also is offered with an expanded temperature rating to +125°C.

The AVi2800 includes an additional 30 amps, allowing it to provide more power at idle. Units are also remote sensing capable, ground isolated and e-coated for enhanced protection from corrosion, humidity and moisture.

The Prestolite AVi2800 internal fan alternator is ideal for high-performance aftermarket retrofit upgrades, particularly within heavy trucks or in applications where weight reduction, higher temperature and higher power are target goals.

Call: 734-582-7200.

Visit: www.prestolite.com.

Acoustic-level interface

FloLevel Technologies has released a self-cleaning acoustic-level interface transmitter for Flotation Cells. This technology measures most liquid and slurry solutions—where an interface of up to two densities exists—that need to be monitored continuously.

The level interface transmitter tracks liquid-to-liquid interface, liquid-to-paste interface and liquid-to-granular interface. The pulse amplitude is great enough to cause a phenomenon called rarefaction, which causes cavitation to be produced from the array transducer diaphragms as they pulse. The cavitation bubbles oscillate in front of the diaphragm, which cause implosions that generate high energy levels.

Email: www.flo-level.com.

Visit: www.flo-level.com.

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