Which FMEA Mistakes Are You Making?

Abstract:This article emphasizes the importance of performing failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) on the correct parts, by the correct team, during the correct timeframe, and with the correct procedure. The article presents lessons learned from experience with more than 2,000 FMEAs in more than 100 organizations and can serve as the foundation for an effective FMEA audit process. Ten frequent FMEA mistakes are identified, along with and their associated design and process FMEA quality objectives. The author explains how to avoid these FMEA pitfalls and how to audit FMEAs against quality objectives, and concludes that using an audit process based on the FMEA quality objectives will increase the value of FMEAs in an …

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--Dave Klinkowski, 04-30-2015

Hello, this is a great article and totally agree with the mistakes listed, I have been team leader and also auditor of FMEAs for nearly 10 years now and another mistake that I see when auditing FMEAs is that they are not updated, many FMEAs are performed by suppliers when submitting the PPAP documentation to customers but they are never updated for instance if there is a corrective action implemented in the process due to a customer complain or due to an internal audit finding so in summary We need to reinforce to our suppliers and to the team of engineers within the organizations that FMEA is a living document and that needs to be updated if there is a change implemented either in the process or to the design of the product.

Thank you
--Carlos Martinez, 09-24-2014

--jasmine, 09-10-2014

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