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Secrets to a thriving quality culture

Psst, guess what? A culture of quality makes for a more financially sound,
innovative and better place to work than other organizations that are lacking such an environment.

Well, no kidding! We’ve been saying that all along!

Now, we’ve got further proof. ASQ teamed with Forbes Insights to conduct groundbreaking research about the habits and characteristics of organizations with strong and developed quality cultures.

World-class organizations stand out glaringly in some significant ways. Leadership, vision and values form the foundation of a quality culture—without those footings, you won’t get far. After those are in place, you can continue to build a quality culture through devotion to customers’ needs, and innovation and empowerment.

Sift through this first look at the research in "Clues About Culture," and see where the gaps exist between your own organization and those considered to be world class. The comparisons can give you a place to start in promoting the vision and understanding that can lead to the utopia you seek.

Quality professionals tend to be devotees of data, relying on the tangible over the unquantifiable. This propensity can make soft skills a challenge. The concept of trust is one of those fuzzy ideas we seldom pay much mind to in the workplace. In "Who Do You Trust?" however, author Stephen Hacker discusses the role of trust in making relationships successful and creating teams that function more cohesively.

The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence also have been used in growing and sustaining a quality culture. "The Ripple Effect," explains how those cultures took root in last year’s two Baldrige recipient organizations.

"Journey to Excellence," explains how a group of senior leaders embarked on capstone projects to use the Baldrige criteria and learn from Baldrige award recipients.

Finally, don’t miss "Restaurant Day," which gets at the roots of quality inherent in everyone—from a first-grade perspective.

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Seiche Sanders

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