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Solenoid valves

Gems Sensors and Controls has reintroduced its BL Series of general purpose latching solenoid valves. The BL Series is designed to support fluid control requirements, such as those common to natural gas separation, natural gas plunger lifts, gas chromatography equipment, irrigation systems and pneumatic pipelines.

The BL series offers either two-way or three-way design which allows a user to pulse the valve itself. This facilitates its change of state into a closed or open position, depending upon the requirement. The series does not require continuous voltage to hold its designated state.

The BL Series is ideal for larger pneumatic valve control applications, particularly those with external power source limitations; undesirable coil heating; or where the temperature of flowing media must remain unaffected as it travels through a valve.

Call: 800-378-1600.

Visit: www.gemssensors.com.

Stroke actuators

The Z standalone short-stroke actuators from ETEL are used in applications where force, throughput and long lifetime are required within a smallform factor. They are designed to cope with the requirements of turret testing handlers, providing an average of 10 independent Z axes for a single machine.

ETEL’s short-stroke actuators are suitable for applications requiring pure axial movement over a short stroke, especially when high dynamics and a small footprint are key requirements. Such applications include touchpad calibration, chip shooters and die ejectors. These actuators are capable of providing a peak force of up to 120 N and a continuous force of up to 30 N.

Call: 847-490-7812.

Visit: www.etelusa.com.


Applikon Biotechnology’s micro-Matrix offers a technology platform for the rapid handling and growth of large numbers of microbial strains, clone libraries, mutant banks and cells. The system offers 24 independent bioreactors in a microtiter plate footprint. Dissolved oxygen and pH can be controlled in each individual bioreactor through gas and liquid addition. Temperature is controlled individually in each bioreactor by the integrated cooling and heating system.

The micro-Matrix offers a true scale down of small-scale bioreactors. The bioreactor’s square well cassette design is based upon the popular SBS-format microtiter plates, which integrate into lab automation robots. The PC-based human interface offers interaction for advanced process control in each of the 24 bioreactors.

Email: info@applikon-biotechnology.com.

Visit: www.applikon-biotechnology.com.

Bore gages

Sunnen’s GR-2245/2241 bore gages are capable of checking bore diameters up to 12 in. and bore lengths up to 24 in. with appropriate attachments. The GR-2245/2241 gages are ideal for energy industry components, such as flow meter tubes, liner hangers, drill pipe, mud pump liners and sucker rod pump barrels.

Available with analog dial readout or electronic indicators, the gages feature long-wearing, replaceable carbide gaging points to withstand extreme wear conditions or abrasive materials. The gages feature patented wear-proof ball cranks for long-term repeatability and retractable or nonretractable gaging points. Models with retractable gaging points prevent scratching of the bore during removal.

Call: 314-781-2100.

Visit: www.sunnen.com.

Pressure regulators

BelGAS announced the Type P99 pressure reducing regulators. Type P99 gas pressure regulators help maintain consistent inlet pressures to downstream equipment, allowing for the accurate control of distribution system pressures, even with widely varying flow rates and supply pressures. These also include support of high-inlet pressure and low-flow control applications.

BelGAS Type P99 gas pressure regulators feature tight shutoff, in which a heavy main spring is working through a lever to provide a high seat-loading force. Regulator loading pressure bleeds downstream through the pilot through the downstream control line. No atmospheric bleed occurs when the regulator is shut off.

Call: 800-727-5646.

Visit: www.belgas.net.

Rotary torque sensor

SensorData Technologies has announced the model BT4000 series wireless coupled flange drive rotary torque sensor. The BT4000 series offers bluetooth wireless rotary torque sensing in extreme high-vibration environments.

The series offers the transmission of measured torque data up to 8,000 Nm at speeds up to 7,000 rpm, with analog voltage, digital or frequency signal outputs.

The BT4000 series features encapsulated on-board electronics that provide strain gage bridge excitation, bridge output amplification and offers amplified signal conversion into a 16-bit digital word. The on-board transducer electronics also facilitate remote shunt calibration. An optional zero-velocity speed sensor is also available.

Call: 586-739-4254.

Visit: www.sensordata.com.

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