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Well-done FMEA

In response to "3.4 per Million: Conducting FMEAs for Results," (June 2014, pp. 42-45): Excellent summary of key team characteristics as well as the mechanics of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). The team and meeting duration recommendations can be applied to other projects as well.

Steven J. Cooke
Charlotte, NC

Lean lessons

I enjoyed reading the opinions and responses from the panel of experts featured in the February 2014 article, "Learning From Experience" (pp. 14-19)). I have met three of these experts and have followed their lean journeys through the years.

Looking at my own journey with lean (which is now more than 30 years), I find myself in agreement with the lean plan-do-check-act concept. I’d like to contribute additional thoughts on this subject:

Many times, an organization’s failure to stay on their lean journey is primarily due to using the initial lean theory and concepts for several years without adaptation or change. For a lean program to work the best, you must always adjust the tools in the toolbox. The tools used by one organization may not work (or work as well) in another organization. Selecting the right tools for each organization’s specific situation can be frustrating because the selection often requires trial and error. But the rewards for having the right tools in place are numerous.

For the sustainability and longevity of a lean program, the best time to look for new tools is while the current ones are working well. Always look to the future and have the next generation of tools ready to slip into place, which, of course, starts the process over.

Rick Reed
Lawrenceville, GA

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