Clues About Culture

Abstract:This article presents and discusses the results of a survey conducted by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Forbes Insights. Respondents included two professional segments: 1) Forbes Insights panelists, mostly C-suite executives; and 2) ASQ members, encompassing more mid-level, quality-focused executives. The survey respondents answered questions related to their own organizations’ quality cultures and assessed how well they thought those cultures were being developed and sustained. In addition to the survey, senior executives and consultants were interviewed and provided insight into how to develop and sustain a culture of …

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The gap between leadership and workerbee perceptions resonates. Every organization has gaps in their quality system. How management responds makes all the difference. I saw an interesting article that leaders should read.
--George Heron, 06-08-2016

would import - export taxes affect the "culture" of quality

Aylin N. Sener
--Aylin N. Sener, 06-08-2015

what would be the impact of the "legal system"; regulations, etc. on quality "culture".

Aylin N. Sener
--Aylin N. Sener, 05-08-2015

Very interesting to read and apply . Impressed with the research and analysis.. Thanks
--Sanjeev khot, 09-13-2014

I've read it twice, I'll apply these concepts for teaching INTRODUCTION TO QUALITY BASICS.
I think it should be done that way since a long ago. Thanks a lot for your time and effort. You're giving me the chance to get to the top of THE QUALITY JOURNEY
--Blasco A. Nunez, 08-25-2014

Good research. Only surprise was low performance results of ASQ member firms. I was expecting ASQ member firm responses to to be higher than overall. It would have been good to see Japanese firms responses too.
--Sunil Thawani, 08-15-2014

--Alex Olivares, 08-14-2014

Well done research and analysis. Tq for sharing
--CH Ng, 08-14-2014

Relevant and very suggestive.
--Abdeslam Koubaa, 08-13-2014

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