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Be you, be true; get it right in social media

It used to be that you only had one reputation to uphold. Social media has turned that concept on its ear. Now, it’s prudent to be conscious of your reputation on the internet, because the medium and its contents can be that much more far-reaching. To some, this age of increased visibility and the availability of what some consider to be private or at least protected information is alarming.

Yet, the wide net the digital age casts can be a beautiful thing, particularly when it comes to growing personal and professional networks, opening up career prospects and getting your name in front of the right people—job recruiters or hiring managers, for instance.

Often, people join or are a part of a professional association to help further their careers. Whether it’s seeking certification or training, or accessing knowledge resources, career advancement is a perennial interest area for readers. This month’s issue is dedicated to that pursuit.

In "Making Connections," author Marshall Brown has pulled together a handy list to help you improve your networking skills and land the job you want. He discusses how to maximize opportunities at live events and in the virtual world. He also has a helpful sidebar on making the most of your LinkedIn profile.

"Blog Boom" showcases this popular medium and introduces you to some active and engaging bloggers in the quality community. Whether you just want some fresh reading material, or you’re interested in the possibility of blogging yourself, you’ll find these bloggers’ tales enlightening.

When is the last time you Googled yourself? Go ahead, give it a try! What sites come up? What do they say about you and who you are? Are you shown in the best light? If not, what can you do to enhance your image? We hope this issue helps you take that first step toward being a better you.

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