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The Leine and Linde model PHE 900 encoder has been created as a flexible platform that can be tailored to meet various application requirements. The foundation of the encoder series is a solid aluminum housing and bearing design. The PHE 900 bearing set enables load ratings, particularly notable in environments where shock, vibration and shaft loads are extreme.

Hollow shaft designs up to 16mm are available. In addition, 17mm taper shaft or 20mm hollow-shaft with keyway are also standard offerings. An 11mm or 14mm diameter output shaft with B-10 Euro-flange mounting also is available.

Absolute rotary position values with up to 19 bits single-turn and 16 bits turn-counting are available for a 35 bit measurement capability.

Call: 805-562-1160.

Visit: www.leinelinde.com.

Metering ball valve

Ham-Let’s metering ball valve (MBV) incorporates metering and shut-off functions in one unit. The MBV-series valve combines a micro-meter control mechanism for gases and liquids with a sealing mechanism in a single unit. It features a shut-off capability, which allows for control of the process, from extra-fine regulation to a complete valve shut-off.

Three precision stem tapers enabling metering at flow capacities as low as Cv=0.0001 with up to 11 handle turns are available. The MBV offers five different O-ring materials providing temperature and chemical coverage, making it suitable for analytical instrumentation industries.

Visit: www.ham-let.com.

Email: info@ham-let.com.

 Electronic level system

Machinists can now add a locking feature to tapped holes by using Spiralock taps designed for CNC operations. The Spiralock thread form solves thread loosening and joint issues by changing the physics of how the threads interact. The new thread form taps include four styles: multi-purpose, T-10 straight flute, cold forming and high performance. All styles but the cold forming include a physical vapor deposition coating for a harder, more lubricious and wear-resistant surface.

To enable machine tapping with the thread form and prolong wear life, tap blanks include a neck behind the threads on most sizes. The neck allows more room for coolant to get into the hole being tapped, and more room for chips to get cleared away from outside a blind hole. This decreases heat buildup and further increases wear life.

Call: 800-521-2688.

Visit: www.spiralock.com.

Food grade loggers

ThermoWorks has announced ThermaData stainless steel food-grade loggers built to record temperatures in harsh environments. The ThermaData loggers are built with a rugged enclosure made from food-grade 316 stainless steel. Loggers can withstand temperatures to 221°F and are protected from corrosion, impact and moisture with a water resistant rating of IP67.

One model records ambient temperature, while four others include a penetration probe from 50mm to 200mm for product testing. The loggers also include a user-replaceable battery and USB connector concealed under its sealed cap for high-speed download. No cradles or additional interfaces required.

Call: 801-756-7705.

Visit: www.thermoworks.com.

Banana test leads

Mueller Electric Company’s Coolflex45 is a group of stackable, retractable 10 AWG banana test leads, rated to 600V, 45 Amps at +105°C.

The Coolflex45 test leads are available in black and red, and get their name from the extremely low temperature rise that they exhibit under high-current conditions. The cable is 10 AWG and features a flexible silicon jacket. The stackable, retractable banana plugs with safety tips fit standard 4mm banana jacks. A clear, retractable banana sheath offers further critical electrical protection when the cable is not mounted.

Call: 216-771-5225.

Visit: www.muellerelectric.com.

Plane bearing insert

EDT’s Poly-Round plane bearing insert has a stainless pin on the outer diameter to facilitate drop-in installation into bearing housings without using a set-screw as an anti-rotation device.

The bearings are self-aligning bearing inserts manufactured from a mixture of polymer materials so they are suitable for various operating conditions, specifically severe environments. In applications where the environment contributes to premature failure of ball bearings, Poly-Round bearings operate with no grease, no seals or shields, are unaffected by washdown and do not rust.

The plus pin of Poly-Round bearings eliminates the necessity of drilling and tapping a hole through the housing to ensure the bearing insert can align but not rotate.

Call: 360-281-6296.

Visit: www.edtcorp.com.

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