Safety in the Skies

Abstract:This article compares the safety management system (SMS) guidelines promulgated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with the foundational quality theories proposed by such quality experts as Joseph M. Juran, Philip B. Crosby, and W. Edwards Deming. The article shows that the FAA SMS framework clearly aligns with ISO 9001 concepts and the quality basics and relationships as both functional and core principles — as introduced by Deming, Juran, and Crosby. The authors note additional links between SMS procedures and quality procedures in various FAA publications. An SMS is defined as a formal, top-down business approach to managing safety risk that includes a systemic approach and the necessary organizational structures, accountability, policies and procedures. An in-depth look at the basis of the FAA pillars for SMS implementation reveals that it centers on safety policy, safety risk management, safety promotion, and safety assurance within an SMS …

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Aviation Safety & quality go hand in hand ; they are two sides of the same coin. Safety follows where quality leads. The authors have brought this into perspective by linking up SMS with AS 9100c & QMS & the PDCA cycle
--Aaron hurtis, 04-28-2014

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