A Step Forward

Abstract:ISO 9001, "Quality Management Systems -- Requirements", is a standard promulgated by the International Organization for Standardization. This article describes some of the differences between international standard 9001:2008 and draft standard ISO 9001:2015. The author believes that ISO 9001:2015 will bring positive change for management systems. It strengthens requirements that have previously been implied, such as mistake-proofing, change management, risk management and the issuance of nonconformities when planned arrangements aren’t followed. The 2015 standard is possibly more prescriptive in these areas, with less left to interpretation. The path outlined by the new standard, if embraced by an organization, will lead to a better understanding of meeting customer expectations and protecting its …

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Excellent article on the changes to the ISO 9001 standard. Preventive Action has always been a difficult topic to implement and Audit. I felt the author's justification of it's exclusion from the 2015 revision was well thought out.
--Ram Veeraraghavan, 08-13-2014

I feel the new standard is a step backwards. It is not prescriptive enough to guide an organization new to QMS systems. It is much more open to auditor interpretion.
--Rhonda Goss, 03-13-2014

The references to risk standards are useful, but a similar article on the content of these referenced standards would be greatly appreciated.
--Richard Grime, 03-07-2014

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