Cognex has introduced Tire Solutions, a suite of products designed to solve barcode and low-contrast embossed character reading challenges for tire manufacturers. Tire manufacturers require reliable barcode reading solutions in all stages of production, from the receipt of raw materials to final assembly and distribution.

When the lifecycle of a tire spans multiple locations, buildings, and cities or countries, accurate tire identification is essential for managing compliance, work in progress, sorting and routing and quality control.

Cognex Tire Solutions features patented algorithms for high-speed barcode and optical character recognition reading technology. Other features include fixed-mount and image-based readers, a 3-D sensor that reads embossed characters on curved and dark surfaces, and software for additional inspection capabilities.

Call: 855-426-4639.

Visit: www.cognex.com.

Statistical software

Hertzler Systems has released version 8.3 of its GainSeeker Suite statistical control software. The software features overall equipment effectiveness charts, which help manufacturers learn how well their assets are being used to produce quality products, and to determine if more can be produced during scheduled production times. It can also help manufacturers spot problem areas and times.

Another feature in version 8.3 is the inspection editor which helps customers create their own inspection processes. These processes can be run on a standard computer or a mobile device, such as an iPad that has the downloadable GainSeeker Collect app.

Call: 800-958-2709.

Visit: www.hertzler.com.

Back-up bearings

Napoleon Engineering Services has announced the release of back-up bearings for use with active magnetic bearings (AMB), where they serve as highly reliable secondary fail-safe systems.

AMB are increasingly used within electrical power generation, petroleum refining, machine tooling and natural gas pipelines. Their design incorporates the use of electromagnets, which magnetically levitate rotating shafts or other moving parts. The lack of contact between the bearings and the loads they support removes the need for lubricating systems and increases the speed at which the moving parts can operate.

When using AMB to support a rotating shaft, any reduction or loss of power could cause the shaft to drop. With NES Bearings AMB back-up bearings in place, the shaft will drop 2 to 3 thousandths of an inch onto the back-up bearing system, allowing it to coast to a stop without damage to the shaft or surrounding machinery.

Call: 877-870-3200.

Visit: www.nesbearings.com.

Data logger

Onset has released an LCD display data logger for building performance monitoring applications. It supports up to four external sensors for measuring temperature, current and CO2. This enables energy engineers and facility managers to solve a range of building performance applications, including energy audits, building commissioning studies and equipment scheduling optimization.

The logger’s LCD display provides a near real-time readout of the current measurements as well as minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation statistics. On-screen alarms can be set for each channel to notify users when a sensor reading exceeds high or low thresholds.

The logger also features a large memory capacity capable of storing 1.9 million measurements. This enables the loggers to be deployed for longer periods between offloads.

Firmware is user upgradeable, and the logger offers start, stop and restart push-buttons.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.

Linear motor series

ETEL has introduced the LMS linear motor series. The LMS series can be used in machines where a high power density is required together with a high dynamic for mid-range moving masses. The series offers an advantage for thermal drift-sensitive precision machines, and are a solution for demanding motion control applications.

The series features an anti-cogging design which enables peak force density in the magnetic gap, as well as thermal efficiency—both important for thermal drift-sensitive machines.

The LMS series offers continuous force up to 664 N, peak force up to 2’760 N with speeds up to 15 m/s.

Call: 877-565-9151.

Visit: www.etelusa.com.

Opacity testing systems

The EMX Industries’ OPAX-1000 provides online measurements of light transmission for products that require packaging to protect contents from the damaging effects of light, such as those in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and consumer goods industries.

Typical applications include pharmaceutical containers, thermoformed or injection-molded bottles, consumer products, beverage container manufacturing, as well as paper and composite film manufacturing.

The OPAX-1000 is positioned above the conveyor, where it provides real-time measurement of the relative amount of light transmission through the object. During this process, it signals that each container is either acceptable or unacceptable in less than 150 microseconds.

Call: 800-426-9912.

Visit: www.emxinc.com.

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