Will to Live

Abstract:The author describes how he used his knowledge of quality methods to deal with a serious medical problem. He explains how he reviewed data about the divergent treatment recommendations of various physicians, and about the risks involved with each kind of treatment. He used a decision tree matrix to help document the different treatment options. There were five paths to consider: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, biopsy, and wait and see. The author explains the lessons he learned on the importance of preventive maintenance (annual check-ups); taking ownership (do your own research); teamwork (talking to knowledgeable people); and mission and …

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This is very impressive story.I have experienced something similar. It happen to my manager, Quality manager. He was diagnosed by pulmonary fibrosis and he was lucky to get lung transplant, by the time when he could not walk and lacking oxygen. When I went to visit him on week after operation, I was amazed with his breathing, which was easy and normal. His reaction was in a style of quality professional. He told me that the quality is not an accident , it's a result of intelligent work. That famous quality quote could not be used in better circumstance.

--DubravkaKusmic, 03-29-2014

Terrific article! Glad you are doing well. I have known people who have used similar approaches and they advised me about some things I am going through. Your article reinforced their advice. Thank you.
--Mike Alumbaugh, 03-13-2014

Thanks for sharing such a powerful and teaching story. Wish you the best!
--Brenda McLane, 03-11-2014

Very inspiring.Medical field is full of opinions and contrast.It is patient duty to find out what is best for them.Researching,questioning and mobilising all your resources are must for critical situations.
--Ashwani, 03-09-2014

Great article! I have often thought about applying some problem solving tools for personal problems, but never did. It was inspiring to see it used in this manner and with such a great result! Thank you for sharing your story.

--Shelly Ammerman, 03-07-2014

Many thanks for the story Brian, I am truly appreciate your kindness of sharing.
--Kimlinh Harris, 03-07-2014

Inspiring. The quality tools at your disposal and how you used them help me to see how they can be used in unconventional ways. and you last paragraph, live like you were dying, so true.
--McClellan Dameron, 03-04-2014

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