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It takes a village to publish a magazine

You probably don’t give too much thought to how QP comes together each month—you just know it’ll eventually wind up in your mailbox containing (we hope) articles and information you find valuable and applicable to your job and your organization.

But, those articles have to come from somewhere, and for QP that content is produced by our stable of existing and new writers. It’s always exciting to get a call or inquiry saying, "Hey, I have an idea for an article."

Many have their vision gelled and set to work straight away. Others want to talk through things a bit; maybe put together an outline. We welcome any and all ways and methods of contribution.

A few months ago, I got one of those calls from David Behling, program chair for the ASQ Lean Enterprise Division, who told me about some exclusive interviews he conducted with seven leaders who he spoke to while at Association of Manufacturing Excellence International "Excellence Inside" Conference last October in Toronto.

The Q&A article he wrote based on the interviews provides a unique perspective on lean, where it’s going and what its impact is on organizations—and could be. Plus, it fits nicely into the lean and Six Sigma issue theme this month. Whether you’re new to lean or your organization is immersed in it, the article, "Learning From Experience," is sure to provide some food for thought.

The third week in February is National Engineers Week in the United States, which got us here at QP thinking about all the outstanding contributions engineers make to our world—and all the great things about being an engineer. Contributing editor Megan Schmidt compiled a top 10 list of why quality engineers are a lot like superheroes in "Super Powers." This lighter look at the contributions of quality engineers is perfect to share around the office or in your social media spheres. Up, up and away! 

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

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