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Abstract:In October of 2013, the author spoke with seven lean thought leaders to obtain their input on the field on lean and its impact on organizations. This article combines responses from those experts to a series of questions related to the field of lean. The experts …

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Mike Rother stated: "Lean is the permanent struggle to flow value to one customer" which agrees with my experience with the best and worst of Lean and Six Sigma and TOC and TQM implementations. The failures were due to over-simplified focus on management metrics based on financial goals at the expense of enterprise and customer wellness metrics. This was caused by two generations of quick-fix MBA's cutting costs rather than engineering the elimination of waste and the variance of products. The gains, with winning efforts, were due to data-driven analysis, design (or re-design) for manufacturability with reliability for all products, and customer-driven innovation for new products while "flowing value" to current customers for each product. That can still happen if we cut the umbilical cords to bad metrics.
--Michael Clayton, 02-16-2014

Excellent article! Especially like Rother's assessments.
--Darrell Rogers, 02-14-2014

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