A Pathway for Patients

Abstract:Some critics have argued that lean improvement activities cannot be applied in health care, asserting that hospitals are not factories. This article disputes that view, maintaining that traditional lean approaches can be improved for healthcare application. Specifically, traditional lean improvement activity, including value stream analysis (VSA), which is its foundation, largely ignores the perspective of what flows through the value stream. In health care, that means that traditional lean does not give adequate consideration to improving the process from the patient's perspective. The author proposes the use of the term "healing pathway" rather than "value stream" in healthcare contexts, to emphasize the primacy of the patient and a focus on the patient's perception and experience in every improvement activity. A model for healing pathway analysis is …

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--Vera, 04-06-2015

Great Article. "must read" for students of Process/quality Improvement in service industry.
--amit p, 02-25-2014

This article has provided illumination on the application of quality tools to the healthcare setting. As we work to transform the U.S. healthcare system it will be articles of this nature that provide needed context in framing the application of quality tools to our work.
--Chuck Moses, 02-10-2014

--Brenda M., 02-05-2014

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