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Technology’s influence on daily existence

This month, QP tackles the topic of technology—an unwieldy endeavor indeed.

Technology is changing everything, every day. From how heavily people rely on their smartphones for their day-to-day work and socialization, to the implications of big data—personally and professionally—technology continues to affect our lives more deeply now than ever before.

And so there are countless angles that could be taken, but I think this month’s contributors did a pretty good job.

Our cover story, “Breaking Down Barriers” looks at the topic of big data from a quality perspective. Shu Liu describes what big data are and how big data approaches might change quality’s role:

“In the big data world, the experience of quality professionals will lose some of its value and much of the traditional job functions as a quality guard will be performed by computers. Quality professionals must venture into the spaces that big data can’t predict: to dream, to think outside of the box, to adventure and to invent,” he wrote.

Liu offers advice on shifting mindsets in order to navigate the new frontier. With the right skills, quality professionals can flourish in the new age.

Fresh Perspective” delves in to the links among technology, innovation and quality. We can all benefit from a little kickstart to creativity, and the stories relayed in this article can provide that inspiration. A high schooler who developed an affordable brain-controlled prosthetic limb using 3-D printing? Amazing! And that’s just one of the stories the authors discuss.

3-D printing is covered in more detail in the Innovation Imperative column, “The New Revolution.” Peter Merrill describes the benefits and threats related to this fascinating technology—an innovation that will undoubtedly change the way work gets done, what materials cost, how supply chains function and much more. The day where 3-D printing is mainstream is fast approaching. How will it affect what you do?

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