Concoa has introduced a blender that enables users to create custom-blended gas mixtures on site for industrial welding applications. The BlendMaster 657 series provides 0 to 25% blend adjustability for two-component gases.

EquiBlend technology allows for full flow regardless of the mix or blend ratio. A pressure equalization system minimizes inlet pressure fluctuations to stabilize the mix, broadening the inlet pressure range difference between the major and minor component gases.

The BlendMaster is also compatible with a wide variety of cryogenic supply sources, such as liquid cans, micro-bulk and bulk gas supply systems. The low inlet pressure range allows for accurate mixing even while supply sources are filled.

Call: 800-225-0473.

Email: rgreen@concoa.com.

Wireless diagnostic system

SensorData Technologies’ model M411-106-10K is a wireless diagnostic system designed to aid factory floor personnel in the real-time evaluation and predictive maintenance of conveyor systems, with remote data transmission capabilities of up to 750 ft.

The model M411-106-10K works by simultaneously measuring the tensile and bending forces experienced by a moving conveyor system. The system is comprised of a multi-axis sensor link with onboard amplifiers. Maximum safe load is 150% of rated capacity for moments and 300% of rated capacity for tensile forces.

When properly installed on a conveyor system, the Model 411-106-10K provides real-time moving measurements of tensile forces, horizontal bending moments, vertical bending moments and twisting moments.

Call: 586-739-4254.

Visit: www.sensordata.com.

Incremental encoder

Sick has released the DFS2X line of programmable incremental encoders. These 16-bit encoders feature a compact, rugged mechanical design and a metal code disc that fits many applications.

The DFS2X encoders offer shaft, blind hollow and through hollow versions in a small 2-in. housing, as well as a shaft version with a 2½-in. housing. In addition to its small size, the IP 65-rated metal design is resistant to shock and vibrations, which reduces down time and enables use in harsh environments.

The high-resolution DFS2X incremental encoders are ideal for packaging, printing, roll diameter sensing and general manufacturing applications that require positional feedback or speed monitoring. These encoders can also be used to provide speed and direction input to both bar code and 3-D camera systems.

Call: 952-829-4728.

Email: tracie.manor@sick.com.

Electrical tranducers

American Aerospace Controls (AAC)has announced a line of high-reliability standard and custom electrical transducers for rail, heavy locomotive, high-speed train and light rapid-transit monitoring. AAC current transducers help rail and locomotive original equipment manufacturers and their associated design and test engineering personnel to meet stringent EN50155, EN50121 and MIL-STD-202 standards. Typical applications include:

Locomotive and rail traction motor power systems management: AC and DC current transducers provide critical power systems management by monitoring the electric current and ground fault voltages used by these traction motors, while further detecting potential areas in which power losses might be occurring within the overall system.

Train event recorders: Current transducers have been used to monitor the DC current feed to a railway system’s black box within light rapid transit, high-speed rail and heavy locomotive applications to ensure the uninterrupted recording of onboard systems data for maximum safety.

Rolling stock car electronic equipment monitoring: Current transducers provide effective electromagnetic interference protection of stock car electronic equipment, helping to prevent against premature electronic equipment failure.

Call: 631-694-5100.

Visit: www.a-a-c.com.

Weight indicator

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ 880 Performance Series weight indicator is a compact digital weight display and controller for mounting within larger control panels and DIN-rail applications. Original equipment manufacturers will appreciate the 880’s compact, modular design featuring a smaller, removable indicator face.

The 880 adapts to a broad spectrum of technologies, whether they require USB, RS-232 or basic Ethernet connections. The 880 can operate as a standalone controller, but also connects to a range of industrial networking protocols.

Call: 715-434-5364.

Visit: www.ricelake.com/880.

Rotary encoder

Leine and Linde have introduced the model 862 with Profibus DP, a version of a rotary encoder supporting condition monitoring systems. This allows machine users to better monitor and implement a predictive motion control system. It also gives a plant manager insight into the general health of the encoder, as well as specific failure information should such an event occur.

Working in tandem with the traditional incremental output signals, the Profibus communications supports velocity feedback, over-speed alarm limits, operating temperature, heartbeat counters, position presets, standstill detection and time, count up direction, internal diagnostics, operating time and encoder configuration details.

Call: 805-562-1160.

Visit: www.leinelinde.com.

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