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The good ol’ days

As I was reading the Keeping Current article "No Bachelor’s Degree Required" (September 2013, pp. 12-13) what immediately came to mind is that back in the "good ol’ days," we had tradesman and master journeymen who possessed the lion’s share of the science, technology, engineering and math skills without having a university degree. These master journeymen also took on apprentices whom they tutored and to whom they passed on their knowledge and experience. But many big corporations decided to do away with these master journeymen positions to save money. That’s why you now have degree-holding graduates in the field who do not know which end of a screwdriver to hold.

Alex Lau
Whitby, Ontario

Resonating words

In response to "Words to Work By" (November 2013, pp. 18-25):

Love the quotes. I would also add: "Quality without data is just cheerleading," to which I usually comment that I am not a cheerleader. Not that cheerleading cannot get results. I had an instructor who said, "If you want to improve quality and yields in a steel mill, paint a red band on a visible structure, such as a smoke stack. Everyone will be on their best behavior, assuming they are being watched and a temporary improvement will happen."

This, of course, is not sustainable. Real and continual improvement requires understanding how to make changes that eliminate negative variation and waste.

Mike Williams
Carol Stream, IL

Good quotes are always food for the mind and soul. It simply reminds us that we are here for something good, and we must do it good, with quality and value.

Buds M. Fernando

Give credit where it’s due

I couldn’t agree more with the servant leadership concepts presented in "At Your Service" (November 2013, pp. 38-43). I try to practice it when challenged with leading a group in problem solving. It is my goal to make all participants open minded to all ideas and to make those contributors feel like their ideas are worth considering. The one thing I find most important is at the conclusion of the problem-solving project, recognize everyone involved (to them and bosses) for their contributions. A sure way to kill future team input is to take credit—alone—for the team’s success. Don’t for once think the team’s members aren’t aware of it.

Tom Herr
Huntingdon Valley, PA

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