The Service Quality Platform

Abstract:Compared to manufacturing, in service organizations it is harder to define and more difficult to measure quality. The approach to quality management in many service organizations is informal and unstructured. The result is service that is highly variable, inconsistent at best and uniformly poor at worst. Service organizations need a structured approach to quality -- a framework for defining and analyzing their quality programs and systems. The framework proposed in this article consists of five steps: 1) identifying customers and determining their needs (a key element of the Six Sigma approach); 2) defining quality and creating a quality statement; 3) measuring customer satisfaction; 4) specifying service standards; and 5) developing key quality and performance measures. The five-step framework in this article will not solve problems or improve quality by itself. Rather, it provides a foundation or starting point. The framework sets the stage for the development of a quality program and its …

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This article is a huge leap forward for quality metrics in services, as opposed to manufacturing. It takes tangible, every-day service encounters and demonstrates how each might be folded into useful service metrics. Don't miss this article!!
--Carol P Cornwell, 12-18-2013

The article may not stress enough the separation between the many trivial and the few vital. While a smile and a warm welcome helps, the most critical elements for a doctor are to prescribe the proper treatment and perform surgery to the best of their skills, etc which is hard to be evaluated from the perspective of the patient. Hospitals being the third leading cause of deaths in USA are not to be only resolved with a big smile.
--Miguel Munoz, 12-11-2013

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