Words to Work By

Abstract:Readers shared their favorite quality quotes and reflected on the wisdom of the …

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I Love This page I love Quality
--nagy, 12-11-2013

Very good.
--Esar Khan, 11-28-2013

Good quotes are always food for the mind and soul. It simply reminds us that we are here for something good, and we must do it good, with quality and value.
--BUDS M. FERNANDO, 11-26-2013

I like very much all these quotes as they are very inspiring. I have also one : "Think slow, act fast" - unknown author
--Traian Dragan, 11-21-2013

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Doing it right first time.
--Hany, 11-21-2013

See a good set of quotes at http://www.fmsreliability.com/publishing/ under reliability quotes.


Thanks to Megan for compiling this article.


--Fred Schenkelberg, 11-15-2013

It is a good sharing of Quality at different perspectives from various parts of the world. It helps in self-checking & inspire more Quality thoughts.
--Sng Yang Seng, 11-13-2013

--Sng Yang Seng, 11-13-2013

Love the quotes.
I would also add; "Quality without Data is just Cheerleading" to which I usually comment that I am not a cheerleader. Not that cheerleading can not get results. I had an instructor that said if you want to improve quality and yields in a Steel Mill, paint a red band on a visible structure like a smoke stack. Everyone will be on their best behavior assuming they are being watched and a temporary improvement will happen. This of course is not sustainable, as the Hawthorn Experiment showed. Real and continual improvement requires understanding how to make changes that eliminate negative variation and waste.
--Mike Williams, 11-13-2013

I have always held: With 20% of the support accomplishing 80% of the work, to achieve 99% satisfaction Quality must engage the other 80% of the support with Quality Process Control, or suffer the consequences.

--Carl Guichard, 11-13-2013

"Quality is the systematic
pursuit of excellence."�
The better definition
--Juan R. Di Costa, 11-12-2013

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