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The enduring popularity of ASQ’s daily quality quotes was the genesis for this month’s cover story idea: Let’s solicit and assemble a collection of quality quotes that range from some of the classics (think Deming and Crosby) to your own original creations, derived from your experiences working in quality each day.

Dozens of QP readers wrote in or weighed in on social media with their favorite quotes and explained why those words hit home for them. You’ll find this collection on p. 18 in the cover story, "Words to Work By." We received so many responses, in fact, that many had to spill over into our online version of the article.

And there’s more. In celebration of World Quality Month in November, we had the opportunity to develop a special online tool where you can type or paste in any quote you like, personalize fonts and colors, and print or publish an attractive version that you can display and in your workspace or share with friends or colleagues. Go to www.qpquote.com now and have some fun! 

In recent years, World Quality Month has been increasingly embraced by organizations worldwide as a celebration of the contributions of people like you—those passionate about quality! Share your experiences, and read about the experiences of others at www.worldqualitymonth.org.

This month’s issue is full of other informational and instructional articles. Learn about trends and consequences related to internal service quality in "Inside Job," and about the concept of "servant leadership" in "At Your Service." Does your organization have a presence in Asia? Learn about the unique approaches and skills that will help personnel be more effective in teaching in those cultures in "Show of Hands."

Also read about the threats to quality and health posed by the recent U.S. government shutdown. The lapses are scary, at the very least, and bring to light the critical importance of quality in keeping the public safe. See "Shutdown Letdowns" for analysis.

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Seiche Sanders

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