Lighting and optics

Cognex Corp. has introduced lighting and optics features for its DataMan 300 series of industrial barcode readers. The DataMan 300 offers modular lighting, eight integrated light banks and external lights that can be individually controlled.

Lighting options include infrared, polarized red, blue and high-intensity red. It features a high-powered illumination accessory for long-range barcode reading applications. Also, several external lights are powered directly from the reader, including the ring, backlight, spotlight and low angle ring.

The DataMan 300 series includes three models: DataMan 300—with a standard resolution of 800x600 pixels, the DataMan 302—with a higher resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, and the DataMan 303—with the highest resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Call: 855-426-4639.

Visit: www.cognex.com.

Thermocouple data logger

Onset’s HOBO UX120 thermocouple logger is a four-channel LCD data logger used to measure and record temperature in a range of monitoring applications, including food quality assurance, civil engineering and wildfire ecology research.

In addition to accepting four thermocouple sensors, the logger features an internal temperature sensor for logging ambient temperatures.

The logger also has a large memory capacity and can store 1.9 million measurements. This enables the loggers to be deployed for longer periods between offloads.

After data have been recorded, it can be viewed in graph form and analyzed using Onset’s HOBOware Pro software. The software also features a bulk export tool that allows users to export data files to text format for use in spreadsheets.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.

Opto-mechanical components

Newport Corp. has released two series of opto-mechanical components. The M1 mirror mount is a component for general beam-steering applications. The BPH series of multifunction slotted-base post holders is the companion to the M1 mirror mount. It provides stable mounting to optical tables combined with the positioning flexibility needed for optical research.

The M1 series is available in aperture and clear-edge options for maximum beam clearance. Both versions hold 25.4 mm diameter optics that can be adjusted through an angular range of +/- 4° using two high-precision 100-TPI fine adjustment screws.

BPH series optical post holders feature an all-in-one design with an integrated slim-slotted base. The top surface of the post holder has a series of indentions designed to be used with the optional BPH post collar to provide repeatable, kinematic rotational alignment and indexing. The BPH series also provides a quick lock mechanism. The brake secures the optical post in position, even after the locking screw has been fully loosened.

Call: 949-437-9935.

Visit: www.newport.com.

Bearing test rigs

Napoleon Engineering Services’ bearing test rigs are used to meet in-house bearing R&D, and testing requirements for original equipment manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, off-highway and industrial automation industries.

Internal testing programs focus on three main aspects of bearing testing: fatigue, environmental and impact/static testing. Bearing test rigs can be constructed to test for several parameters, including bearing or lubrication efficiency, rolling contact fatigue, environmental conditions, application reliability and supplier comparison.

They can be designed with manual controls for constant operating parameters or with full automation for step-stress duty-cycle testing.

Call: 716-372-6532.

Visit: www.nesbearings.com.


Abacalab has introduced the Protocol Labacus 2.0. The software provides users with an interactive protocol, including instructions and checklists that work on tablets or laptops. Version 2.0 is capable of scanning bar codes, taking pictures and custom reporting. The tablet camera can perform on-the-spot recording of measurements and observations.

Documentation is electronically transferred and automatically converted into reports. Protocol Labacus is useful in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, environmental, product development, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Its mobility is beneficial for those working in large spaces, outdoors or in multiple locations.

The detail of the records the software provides, including time and date-stamping and operator identification, are valuable for applications with stringent requirements for quality assurance and reporting.

Call: 877-522-2252.

Visit: www.abacalab.com.

Alarm thermometer

The ChefAlarm from ThermoWorks features a continuous minimum/maximum display, a high alarm that sounds when test samples reach a pre-determined setting, and a low alarm to alert users of temperatures as they drop.

ChefAlarm’s alarm volume can be heard on noisy plant floors or adjusted to levels more appropriate for lab use. The backlight button allows users to read the display in low-light conditions.

ChefAlarm comes with one pro-series high-temperature probe that measures to 572°F and includes a cable that withstands short-term exposure to 700°F. An optional pro-series mini-needle probe is suitable for thin or tiny samples. The probe and cable are waterproof.

Call: 801-756-7705.

Visit: www.thermoworks.com.

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